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How to utilize cloning for backup and other chores..

Understanding Storage and Hard Drives

How to erase and partition drives..

Drive Capacity and Speed

Larger drives are faster..

Using Apple Time Machine for Backup

How to use Apple Time Machine for Data Safety.

Apple Dec 2013 Mac Pro

Choosing among 4/6/8/12 cores, GPUs, memory, flash..


Tips for networking, internet, etc..

How To Guides

How to perform useful tasks and upgrades..

Setting Up Your Mac

Suggestions for setting up your Mac for performance and data safety..

Easy Thunderbolt Networking (10 Gigabit)

Networking as fast as an SSD!.

Setting Up Your Mac For Better Security

Reduce the chances of security breaches..

Password Managers and Encryption

Use high quality passwords, identities, logins conveniently..

Upgrading Your Mac

When and Why to Upgrade Your Mac..

Command Line Time Savers

Useful tasks at the command line in Terminal..

Optimizing Photoshop CS6 / Creative Cloud Performance

Preferred configuration for best performance..

Optimizing Other Photography Software

Speedups for working with images..

Optimizing Mac Performance

Learn about Activity Monitor and understand how CPU cores, processes, memory use, and software scalability affect performance..

Choosing and Configuring a Mac

An in-depth look at how to find the right Mac setup for you.

How to Buy / What to Buy

Nuts and bolts of buying a Mac, and recommended extras..

Optimizing Mac Application Performance

Optimizing specific application performance..

Core Rot at Apple

The worrisome decline of OS X quality and integrity..

Blog posts


2023-06-01 How to Create an Encrypted Volume on an SSD or Camera Card


2022-02-17 Reader Comment: “In the calendar app, search does not work”

2022-02-05 How to Fix: Spotlight Search Not Working in macOS Monterey, Broken on External Volumes, Network Volumes


2021-10-08 IntegrityChecker Java: Simultaneous Data Verification on any Number of Hard Drives or SSDs

2021-10-08 OWC Announces Thunderbolt Dual DisplayPort 1.4 Adapter supporting up to dual 8K displays

2021-10-05 Apple Safari Tab Bar Colorization: How to Disable

2021-09-27 Corrupted .git/index File: “git fatal: unordered stage entries in index”

2021-07-30 Separate Your Data from System and Applications on the Boot Drive Using an APFS Volume

2021-07-30 Brain-Dead Spotlight Search for Source Code Files

2021-07-30 Backing up With Carbon Copy Cloner For Years Now, Latest Update As Good As Ever in Functionality, but Confusing Visuals

2021-07-28 How To Quickly Email a Link to a Web Page

2021-07-25 Batch Renaming Files for Photography using 'A Better Finder Rename'

2021-07-23 Quick Look: 'A Better Finder Rename' for Batch Renaming Files

2021-07-21 How to Batch-Rename files in the macOS Finder

2021-04-24 Automatic Image Downsizing in Apple Mail Wrecks Image Readability


2020-02-28 How to Enable the Mac Startup Chime on Recent Macs

2020-01-19 How to Add File/Folder Access Permissions in macOS Catalina, including Full Disk Access


2017-04-07 How to Disable All Push Notification Requests in Apple Safari


2015-04-19 How To Partition a Drive to Free Space Using Disk Utility | Terms of Use | PRIVACY POLICY
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