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Designed for the most demanding needs of photographers and videographers.
The fastest, toughest, and most compatible portable SSD ever with speeds up to 2800MB/s.

My Consulting Services Might Save You Time and Money and Also Get You the Right System for Your Needs

I offer consulting for selecting and configuring your Mac system (usually a Mac Pro or MacBook Pro or both). By understanding your particular workflow requirements, I can recommend the most appropriate hardware at the least cost. Most clients contemplating a new system find thata one hour consultation is sufficient to cover both system design and a solid backup plan. Some clients choose to continue with additional consulting over time as their needs evolve.

Over the years, I have saved numerous clients more than my fee, by helping them avoid unnecessary expense, or by suggesting alternative sources, with one recent client saving thousands of dollars that would have been spent for little if any performance gain.

Consulting is usually in preparation for a new Mac system, but some clients have specific challenges to solve, such as fast file transfer between systems, workflow between home and office or the road, or a robust backup strategy.

What I find most frequently is that many users, even professionals, have wholly inadequate and risky backup plans. I always cover this topic as part of any new system design. Even if your data is only sentimental, who wants to lose their stuff?

Some clients come to me after buying the wrong system, having spent thousands extra in erroneous assumptions about their needs. I can still help with optimizing the system cost-effectively, but I cannot save the money that was already spent.

Sometimes prospective buyers will write me explaining they are about to buy a system that will cost $4000 - $5000. When they hear that I actually (gasp!) charge for my expertise (much of which I provide here online as general advice), they explain they cannot afford 5% of that cost (about half the sales tax here in CA). I wish them the best. :)

I work by phone with my clients (which can be Skype from overseas). I’ve worked with clients from Brazil to Singapore to South Africa to Italy to Germany to Japan, since my hours are flexible. Though not as efficient, email can also work.

See my consulting page for my information. Complete the consulting agreement, and I will contact you for payment details and to arrange a time to talk.

Professional clients are also well served by the MPG Pro program for Mac Pro or MacBook Pro, where time-proven systems that are pre-tested and pre-configured can be obtained to your door.

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