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Computer or camera, what matters is the best system for your actual workflow and usage.

Replace it all if you get it wrong—internals of Macs today are not upgradeable. Camera systems are even more of a headache— a whole set of lenses to replace.

Do you really want to follow botched advice of coin-operated YouTube fanboys?

Simple plain-language explanations and advice, saving you time and money and angst. Thousands of clients over 16 years can’t be wrong. No one has ever been dissatisfied, which is why I offer a money-back guarantee. As with any industry expert you are not really paying for my time, but for a lifetime of experience and deep insights.

As the world’s leading expert on camera systems having tested in-depth all major camera systems, the insights I offer can be found nowhere else.

As a lifetime software developer with computer science background from Stanford along with decades of gear evaluation, computer challenges are distilled down to clear ideas you can grok.

With my help, you will make the most informed choice possible. I often save my clients $$$thousands by getting the right system the first time.

Get Started

Hours are flexible, and weekends are also available. Time for the consultation is scheduled after submitting payment. Contact Lloyd with any questions.

There is no obligation just for submitting the consulting agreement. Minimum engagement is one hour (1 hour), which is sufficient for most all clients to cover system selection and configuration, a backup plan and other concerns.

Pre-payment by Paypal is required prior to scheduling a consultation.

Cost is a fixed $280 for the first hour. After the first hour, or for returning clients with 364 days, cost is $200/hour based on pro-rated time used. The majority of clients find that one hour suffices.

Cost effective

Computer consulting offers terrific value: choosing the right equipment the first time saves most clients more money than the cost of consultation. More important, the right hardware, configuration, and backup strategy can prevent costly “meltdowns”.

Existing equipment is considered, as is the ability to use equipment for future systems. The Apple Mac Pro formerly was the #1 request: it makes a great workstation, and clients end up working more efficiently and safely than ever before. But times are changing, and the 2017 iMac 5K and the iMac Pro are strong challengers and generally superior as of 2018. Some clients have both a desktop and laptop computer and both can be considered together.

Just as important, you’ll come away from a consultation with the confidence that you are buying or upgrading optimally in terms of money and performance. Even more important, a reliability and backup strategy is integrated into the system design.

My decision to proceed sooner rather than later was heavily influenced by your stress testing of each of the components of this system. Having a reliable, high-performance workstation today via software and hardware that has been shaken down made more sense to me than waiting an indeterminate amount of time for higher performance drives and processors that might have some unsorted issues. By using your experience regarding what matters to PS performance (and importantly what doesn't matter) I will end up with a much higher performance machine than I had planned, 6 months sooner than I had planned, with an easier and far more robust backup procedure than what I had planned, all for $2500 less than what I initially thought I would have to spend, these savings inclusive of your most reasonable consulting fee!!! I am very happy to report that your prediction that I would likely end up reducing costs by engaging you turned out to be a wonderfully understated forecast!
Having tried a few 250MB test files in CS4 and Bridge, I am very, very impressed with the performance of this machine to the point of laughing out loud at how fast it is. Most of my normal PS transactions are instantaneous or close to it. Even on 1GB files, time lags are so small that the machine beats my brain in thinking up the next move every time. Holy moses! I wanted to thank you again for helping me and being so responsive. Your advice was great and spot on. It's a really good feeling to not be machine limited for possible stitches and HDR work. For the first time in a long time, I am sincerely looking forward to post processing time. — Goodloe Suttler of Chapel Hill, NC

More information

A consultation is about your particular needs and issues. It is extremely thorough and educational without being overly technical. Performance, reliability and backup are all covered thoroughly, and this usually takes 60-90 minutes.

Clients acquire a better understanding of their needs (including those they might not have considered), along with specific equipment recommendations. A follow-up report details equipment, recommendations and pointers, including a “cart” that is ready to buy (equipment can be bought anywhere, but the online cart makes it convenient and crystal clear). Most clients need only the initial consultation— that’s success.

A typical Mac Pro consultation takes 45-90 minutes; the duration is flexible, but with a minimum of 30 minutes. While phone is the most effective means, email can also be used for clients in radically different time zones, and some overseas clients have used Skype.

An initial email detailing the needs and issues is helpful in guiding the conversation, but it is not necessary.

Follow up

Follow up support is also available. For example, clients might want assistance setting up a RAID, optimizing a software application, transferring a system, etc. However, these topics are covered here at MPG.

Customer testimonials:

Thank you, I appreciated your expertise and the clear and concise way you answered my questions. I feel much better prepared to deal with my future computing needs thanks to the time spent consulting with you. — Michael B

I found phone consultations with Lloyd himself to be money very well spent. I was in the process of purchasing a new computer, and Lloyd really helped me define my needs, and suggested which machines would address those. He also gave me some great suggestions on how best to utilize the capabilities of the new Mac Pros, and how to set up the internal HD’s for optimum performance. A few weeks after the initial consultation, I opted for a 30-minute session, which also exceeded my expectations. Lloyd also graciously answered many questions by email, before and after both consultations. It’s a pleasure dealing with someone who really knows his stuff and who doesn’t have “an attitude”. He’s an excellent teacher. Thanks for all your help, Lloyd! — Paul S

Once you told me “what” to do, doing it was easy. Everything is fast and I have three backups now— such as DVDs of the RAW files, Time Machine and a hard drive in my safe. Thank you very much for your excellent advice. —Lawrence Beasley, September

Thank YOU for all your help today. You really helped me to better understand the relationship between performance, processors, hard drive, RAM, and scratch disk - and how they all are co-dependent. Best money I've spent in a long time. My computer is already working better. Can't wait to see how she buzzes when I link drives with RAID and up the RAM. — Adina B

It's like having a Mac Pro on Steroids!! I feel like I need to call Apple tomorrow and ask for my referral check from the 5 guys that left here tonight going home to purchase Mac Pros. — Lance L

I am sure enjoying the Mac Pro. Photoshop sure starts up faster. Wow! Having you to advise, suggest and show me the best way to setup the refurbished Mac Pro I purchased, was like having the Counter Assault (pepper spray) to stop the charging Grizzly with cubs at 6ft away. Your advice and counseling was that valuable. Yes, I did have an encounter with a mother grizzly and 2 cubs.— Conrad R

Thanks Lloyd, you have been a great help! — Rick D | Terms of Use | PRIVACY POLICY
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