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Whither Thunderbolt?

The Thunderbolt port was announced with much hype and fanfare, but where are the peripherals? (drives, card readers, etc).

Thunderbolt peripherals don’t exist yet.

And when they do, they won’t come cheap. Making a Thunderbolt peripheral is NOT CHEAP and won’t be for some time. Which is why for starters all you’ll get is expensive multi-drive enclosures.

The omission of USB 3.0 from Macs is a we-have-rich-users decision on Apple’s part, well, it’s downright idiotic. USB 3 will be cheap. Thunderbolt will be expensive for a year or so, and most likely longer. Anyone want a $150 digital camera card reader that is a pain in the #$#*$*$ to connect with other devices in daisy-chain style?

A Mac Pro with Thunderbolt would be nice, in theory, but in practice worthless for many months to come, unless you like one flavor of ice cream. Plenty of excellent solutions exist already on the current Mac Pro. And an MPG Pro Workstation delivers, today.

On other Macs, Thunderbolt is a nice potentiality over aging Firewire 800 and USB2. And that’s it for most of this year. Well, it is a good place to stick used chewing gum for now.

On the Mac Pro, the ultimate benefit of Thunderbolt will be the reduction of cost for Mac Pro high-end storage, because a RAID card will no longer be needed, so long as the enclosure itself handles the RAID, or software RAID is used.

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