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Mac OS X Lion Hairballs

I’ve begun documenting usability and other issues in Mac OS X Lion. I’ll be adding more pages, but see my initial set of issues. There are too many to write up, so I’ve chosen a set of them, and I might add more.

It’s clear to me that the level of thought going into OS X Lion is well below past Apple quality standards, with very sloppy thought in a variety of areas.

In OS X Lion, internet connectivity drops for up to 15 seconds after waking the computer

Michael S writes

Lloyd, FYI, the issue isn't limited to just the first 15 seconds. I have to go to "join other network" to point the system in the right direction each time I come out of sleep. I called Apple support (second tier) and they said they know of the issue and gave me the temp fix of the afore mentioned instructions. If I reboot there isn't an issue, only coming out of sleep.

Tom vP writes

I can full-heartedly agree with most of your findings on Lion (haven't run into a lot of spinning balls yet) and I agree that this a dangerous direction for MacOS. At first I did not get bitten by the mail conversion as I did not trust the question, on the second test I stupidly enough let Lion convert my mail, and I could not go back anymore (unless I want to restore mail from backup, but that does not appeal to me either). As far as the finder types are concerned: if I sort the finder view on 'Kind' or 'Date modified', then all file types do show up correctly. So apparently this bug only appears when you first open a folder, which makes it all the more pathetic in my opinion.

Gene F writes

It's a disaster. A few recent Apple upgrades have been dumb-downs. I'm starting to worry they've peaked and, having eclipsed Microsoft's market cap, are headed inexorably to resembling a public utility. It's the way value-to-growth transitions tend to happen in industry.

Martin D writes

With some suggestions.

Window animation

You can disable the new window-opening animation that makes the OS feel slower.


Sucks. Basically, it's there to make customer support easier—which it may—with neophytes. For pros, I recommend Alfred.


Dashboard works much better if you go into the Mission Control settings and uncheck "Show Dashboard as a space"


Necessary to uncheck "Move content in the direction of finger movement when scrolling or navigating" unless only using trackpads. Otherwise, madness results.

Spelling auto-correct

Necessary to uncheck "Correct spelling automatically" in Text tab of Language & Text settings. Otherwise, madness results.


So far, I like the new Mail a lot. It addresses many grievances of mine. However, it has serious flaws, too. For a hilarious example, try this: open Mail, trigger the "full screen" view. Now hit CMD+N to draft a new email. A modal window appears. Unbelievable. That should never have gotten out of the door.


I have been seeing some (so far) innocuous-but-annoying compatibility problems with Lightroom's Import dialog under Lion. Sometimes, it just doesn't want to show all the folders in a volume in the right side (destination) column.

SpectraView II

Works fine for me as long as you have it set to save the profile for the current user and not all users. If the latter, some very ugly stuff happens.

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