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Reader Comment: “In the calendar app, search does not work”

re: Apple Core Rot

I’d take this issue any day over having to reboot 2 or 3 times a day.

Eric B writes in reference to Spotlight Search Not Working in macOS Monterey, Broken on External Volumes, Network Volumes:

I received my new M1 Max MacBook Pro 64GB RAM, 2TB SSD, a few days ago and while it's quite the machine, it has one problem that has me frustrated.

In the calendar app, search does not work. I have the calendar app on my older (2016) MacBook Pro running Big Sur and on my 2020 iMac running Catalina and it works perfectly on those machines. Whether one searches for something from yesterday or 20 years ago (I have calendar events going back a long way), the search returns a blank field.

I may not be alone; there's a discussion on the Apple Support discussion forum with entries as recent as February 15, 2022 about this precise issue. I've already spent over three hours on the phone with an Applecare senior advisor and it is not resolved. The advisor sent a message to the "engineers" and will be calling me tomorrow to report on what they say. You seem to have deep knowledge, I don’t expect you to solve it, but would appreciate your thoughts.

MPG: try signing out of iCloud and then signing back in. It might force something down a different path that makes it work again. Because sometimes bugs are stateful, so changing the state of a system can force it to redo stuff and as a side effect, fix the issue. Or, it might just be broken (high probability!), since so many other aspects of search are worse than they have ever been.

TIP: with a new machine, it can take hours for Spotlight indexing to get the job done, particularly for things like Apple Mail. Until that happens, no warning/notice is given, and all sorts of shit just doesn’t work.

In general and from my direct experience, all sorts of search stuff doesn't work in macOS Monterey, and the problem is worse than it has ever been.

Spotlight fails to find things that I have shown right in front of me in the Finder.

Then there are the obvious usability bugs that Apple has inserted: search now prioritizes non-existent crap, e.g., searching for yields a web search link which is useless, rather than the source file on my local development volume. Similarly, a whole list of useless irrelevant crap is shown with the desired file buried in it. Or, intermediate build products are favored over source files. That and related issues impede my coding workflow each and every day.

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