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Save Big Photoshop Files 20X Faster!

See yesterday’s discussion of the new DisallowFlateCompressedPSD.plugin for Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Exploring the limits of the performance envelope, I set up a 4-drive RAID-0 stripe of Hitachi 3TB 7K3000 hard drives inside the 3.33Ghz 6-core Mac Pro. This setup is capable of nearly 600MB/sec. Want a setup like that of your own? Then order your MPG Pro Workstation today.

Observe that there is nearly a 20X speedup with this configuration when saving an 11.33GB PSB file. You’ll have to plan coffee breaks some other way from now on.

At present, I do not have the extra drives to probe the limits of drive speed using 5/6/7/8 drives, but 25 seconds to save this size file is perfectly fine with me.

Seconds, lower is faster
Mac Pro: Time to save 2.88GB PSB file with and without the DisallowFlateCompressedPSD.plugin

Reader comments

Thank you very much for all your contributions to the new fast saving plugin for Photoshop! It is amazing on my three disk raid 0.

More than that, without your newsletter, I just can't imagine that I ever would have found out about it. Thanks for all you do. — Jonathan M

DIGLLOYD: A RAID-0 stripe or a fast 6G SSD kicks improves save speed because the save runs proportional to the speed of the drive (up to a point).

All MPG Pro Workstations are optimized from the start with a RAID-0 stripe, and the MPG Pro Laptop is configured by default with a 6G SSD.


Thanks for getting Adobe to give us a faster way to save PSD files.

I get a kick out of making complex composite images, and I've eaten lunch while waiting for some huge PSD files to save. — Al K


I downloaded and used it today and it works very fast indeed. What is missing is a elegant way to set it on and off. I would like to work fast when I am i process my photos - the ultimate result i would like to save compressed because of the space it consumes (it should be in the save as- options).

Now I have made an automater task to put it on and of + have to restart Photoshop to do the change. a lot of work to do something simple. — Pieter K

DIGLLOYD: Making it a built-in option is more invasive. I made this suggestion to Adobe also, and I hope to see it in a future version.

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