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Apple 12-Inch MacBook (2016)

An iPad-sized laptop, refreshed..


Tips for networking, internet, etc..

USB-C Accessories

Chargers and other specialty USB-C devices..

iPhone and Related

Apple iPhone and related items..

Optimizing Mac Performance

Learn about Activity Monitor and understand how CPU cores, processes, memory use, and software scalability affect performance..

Apple 12-Inch MacBook (2015)

An iPad-sized laptop..

Drives and Expansion and Various

Reviews of various hardware and software..

Core Rot at Apple

The worrisome decline of OS X quality and integrity..

Blog posts


2019-11-24 The Apple iOS 13 Fiasco

2019-11-23 iOS 13.2.3: Random Haptic Clicks Drive Me Nuts on iPhone 11 Pro Max

2019-11-21 Don’t be Fooled with Phone Phishing: Purported Compromised Apple Account with Spoofed Number Makes it Look like Apple is Calling

2019-11-19 Apple iOS 13.2.3 Breaks Bluetooth Pairing for my Mercedes Sprinter Van for all my iPhones

2019-11-17 Audio Shut-Off Problems in Safari on iPhone 11 Pro Max (iPhone 7 Plus continues to work fine)

2019-11-17 Apple iPhone Face Recognition: Amazingly Seamless but Fails in Dim Light (UPDATED with ideas to try)

2019-11-17 Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Cameras: Protruding Lens Design Captures Crud, Risks Scratching

2019-02-06 Facebook and Its Ilk Are a Disease


2018-09-18 The NuGuard KX Case Has Saved My iPhone 7 Plus even at Speed from my Bicycle

2018-07-22 Tired of a Weak Cell Signal in your Vehicle? The WeBoost Cell Signal Booster Works Great!

2018-05-15 Are Smart Phones an IQ and Creativity Downgrade, with Anti-Social Bonus Points?

2018-02-13 Apple iOS Source Code In the Wild


2017-12-26 Why Does Apple Put Random Unwanted Crud Into my iPhone Calendar?

2017-12-26 Crashes When Copying Files over a Network? Try Turning off Packet Signing

2017-12-25 New iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc? Cables and Related

2017-12-19 NewerTech NuGuard KX Case for iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, iPhone X (saved my iPhone several times when dropped) + Screen Protectors

2017-11-30 iPhone: Blurred Screen Requires Rebooting Phone

2017-11-30 iPhone: App Store Downloads Never Finish

2017-11-26 How to not Waste/Lose a Huge Chunk of Cellular Data for Personal Hotspot : Disable Background Downloading

2017-09-11 iPhone Camera bug

2017-09-08 iPhone 7s and 8: End of the Line for Value was with iPhone 6?

2017-09-03 iPhone: Made in China Gets Interesting

2017-06-30 2017 MacBook Pro: Personal HotSpot via iPhone Does not Work

2017-06-19 Apple iPhone Security: Pocket Dialing

2017-06-13 Apple Photos: Bad Idea + Downloading Images from iPhone/iPad/Other Devices using Apple Preview

2017-04-28 iTunes: Infinite Loop Trying to Install an App

2017-01-25 Touchbar MacBook Pro not Rated for Colder than 50°F — Serious Design Flaw for Active Users?

2017-01-15 Bill Atkinson’s “Photo Card” for iPhone/iPad: Tangible Internet-Age Postcards


2016-12-23 iTunes and iPhone: Which Phone?

2016-12-23 2016 MacBook Pro: Design by Dilettantes?

2016-12-22 Reader Comment: “Bloomberg piece goes hand-in-hand with today’s article that you posted”

2016-12-13 Two-Factory Security for macOS

2016-11-18 Apple iPhone Secretly Uploading Call Logs when iCloud is Enabled?

2016-10-31 Saving 5GB or so from iTunes

2016-10-27 New Apple MacBook Pro (updated with comments, updated again with solutions)

2016-10-21 Apple iPhone 7 Caution Was Warranted: GSM-only model has Inferior LTE Performance

2016-10-15 Reader Question: can Siri be disabled on an iPhone?

2016-10-13 iPhone 7 in Jet Black: MUCH Better Grip in the Hand + SIM-Free iPhone 7 Now Available

2016-09-23 iOS 10 Supports Color Spaces

2016-09-21 A Question for Readers: How to Print iPhone Photos

2016-09-12 iPhone 7: Apple will not sell unlocked iPhone with both GSM and CDMA, but maybe in a a few weeks

2016-09-12 Altitude on iPhone: ProAltimeter app

2016-09-10 What I Want in an iPhone: Dual Carrier Support Simultaneously

2016-09-09 Apple iPhone 7: can an Unlocked Model Actually be Bought at Apple Store?

2016-09-09 Apple iPhone 7 Caution: GSM-only model lacks CDMA network support, precluding future use with Verizon or Sprint

2016-09-09 An uncomfortable 2 Days with Amazon Dash Buttons

2016-09-07 Apple iPhone 7: New Features I Like

2016-09-06 NewerTech NuGuard KX Case for iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus (saved my iPhone 6s Plus several times)

2016-09-02 Risky “Zero Day” Exploit Bugs Fixed in iOS 9.3.5 for iPhone, also in OS X

2016-08-30 iPhone Software Update Failure: ‘“Not enough free space is available on this computer” (8.81TB not enough space for 0.128 TB iPhone)

2016-07-08 iPhone Panoramas In Depth: Shooting & Post Processing Tips, Numerous Examples up to 11K Resolution

2016-07-08 Apple Still Cannot Tell Time

2016-07-06 My iPhone 6s Plus Saved From Cracking Again by NewerTech NuGuard KX Case

2016-05-17 Lightning Cable for iPhone/iPad Keep Breaking? Tudia Klip Might Help

2016-05-01 Do you have 2 “iPad devices”?

2016-04-27 What’s all the Fuss About iPhone Security Anyway?

2016-03-24 iOS 9.3: Setting up NightShift feature, to Help Sleep

2016-02-17 Apple in PR Denial even as Apple Core Rot Spreads

2016-01-02 Modifying the NewerTech NuGuard KX Case for iPhone 6s, 6s Plus with a Knife and Scissors


2015-12-21 Handy items for Charging, Connecting, etc

2015-12-12 Don Norman and Bruce Tognazzini: How Apple Is Giving Design A Bad Name

2015-12-10 More Apple Core Rot: Apple Mail Still Broken + More Views

2015-12-03 Reader Comment: Apple Core Rot

2015-11-06 Apple’s DCI(P3) Color Gamut Improves Upon Longstanding Marginal Gamut, Yet Makes Little Sense in Context for Amateurs or Pros

2015-10-08 iPhone 6s Plus: can it work Like a Real GPS Unit?

2015-10-08 iPhone 6s Plus: Dubious Cell Reception

2015-10-07 OS X El Capitan: Installed

2015-10-07 Brand-New iPhone 6s Plus with iOS 9.0.2: “No Service” Bug Takes Phone Offline

2015-10-04 Downloading the 6GB OS X El Capitan Release via an iPhone High in the Mountains

2015-09-24 NewerTech NuGuard KX Case for iPhone 6s, 6s Plus

2015-09-24 Apple iPhone Core Rot: Apple Breaks Personal Hotspot in iOS 9.0.1 + HOW TO FIX

2015-09-14 Upgrading to an iPhone 6s Plus: all AT&T “deals” are the same bitter pill with a bit more or less sugar coating

2015-08-18 Charging iPhone, iPad, any USB-Chargeable Device: Lupine USB One

2015-08-16 Apple ID Account Hassles Continue

2015-06-18 Mini Review: 2015 Apple MacBook

2015-06-12 USB-Charging your iPad, iPhone, Cameras in the Car, Colored Lightning Cables

2015-04-10 Apple Watch is Out and In Crazy Demand, What’s it For?

2015-02-12 With the Coming of the Apple Watch, Digital Monitoring is the Next Big Thing

2015-01-29 Apple Lightning Cables (for iPhone, etc)

2015-01-22 Apple Core Rot: More Views


2014-12-29 iTunes Won’t Sync Any Contacts to iPhone

2014-11-13 iPhone / iPad: New Security Risks Emerge

2014-11-05 When the iPhone and Three Nearby Computers all Ring for a Phone Call, and is this a Privacy Issue?

2014-10-08 iPhone Features, AT&T vs Verizon

2014-10-07 Driving and iPhone or Siri Do Not Mix

2014-10-06 Radio Frequency (RF) Exposure from Apple iPhone 6

2014-10-05 Internet Speed is an End-To-End “Up To” Concept, not a Consistent Quantity

2014-09-13 What does an iPhone 6 Plus cost?

2014-09-09 The new Apple iPhone: Display Zoom on Larger Model Attractive

2014-09-02 On Nude Selfies and Celebrities

2014-08-31 Cell Phone Kill Switches

2014-03-14 CalDigit Thunderbolt Station Adds Support for iPhone/iPad Charging + Apple Superdrive


2013-12-31 OWC 'Area 51' Blowout Sale (all sorts of stuff, cases for iPhone, iPod too)

2013-12-25 AT&T Text Messaging: Can it be Disabled?

2013-12-17 PowerRocks 'MagicStick' Portable Battery for iPhone , iPod, other phones

2013-10-14 iPad Mini: Why is it Not a Phone Also?

2013-10-14 Settings Panel for iPhone

2013-10-13 Grip and Shock Damage Protection for iPhone 4/4s/5/5s, Color Choices in NuGard KX

2013-10-10 Switched to iPhone 5s from 4s

2013-10-03 Best Alarm Sound on iOS 7

2013-09-25 Apple iOS 7: iPhone Accessibility / Legibility Tips

2013-09-24 iPhone 5s vs Nokia Lumia 1020 Camera Phones

2013-09-23 Grip and Shock Damage Protection for iPhone 5/5s

2013-09-23 Apple iOS 7: Type Weight and Size Impairs Usability, Presbyopia and Vision Issues

2013-08-10 Newer Technology 'NuGuard KX Mini' Drop-Protection Case for Apple iPad Mini

2013-07-14 iPhone Case: Grip and Shock Damage Protection: NewerTech NuGuard KX Case

2013-06-12 Apple iOS 7

2013-05-05 Shock Resistance: NewerTech NuGuard KX Case for Apple iPhone 4/5


2012-07-03 Zombie Messages on iPhone

2012-02-16 What Are the Implications for Application Signing?

2012-02-16 The iOS-ification of Mac OS X — Mac OS X 'Mountain Lion' — Feeling Like Prey Now


2011-12-01 End of Life for the Apple Mac Pro? Still no word from Apple

2011-11-01 End of Life for the Apple Mac Pro?

2011-10-27 Apple iPhone 4S Experience

2011-10-20 Apple iPhone 4S Issues and Comments

2011-10-08 I’ve ordered my iPhone 4S, and What About Two Networks at Once?

2011-09-15 Mac OS X Lion and Full Screen Mode

2011-09-10 An Impressive Experience At The Apple Store With the iPhone

2011-05-04 Remote Access To Photoshop via iPhone, iPad

2011-04-27 Update on Apple Tracking Data on iPhone, iPad

2011-04-25 Is Apple Tracking Your Movements Via Your iPhone (and iPad)?

2011-03-22 AT&T Extorts More Money For iPhone Data Already Paid For, Threatens To Cut Access

2011-01-23 iPhone and Zombie Emails, Verizon iPhone


2010-11-29 AT&T Customer Service = Oxymoron

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