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The World’s Most Valuable Company is Incompetent at Software Development  — Apple Management Disrespects Tens of Millions of Customers

Did y’all just love the bugs with iOS 13 on the iPhone? It cost me days of headaches and it took 6 week to get my iPhone to work again with my vehicle. The iPhone still has bugs, and I am SO glad that I returned the 512GB iPhone 11 Pro Max for a full refund.

Not content with that MFUB* of iOS 13, Apple released macOS Crapalina, the most disruptive and jaw-dropping demonstration yet of software development hubris, incompetence and contempt for customers and their needs. So many bugs along with so many security theater headaches, so much $cost all bundled into a “screw you and your stuff” we-are-soooo-smart “upgrade”. Dang. How I wish I could go back to macOS Mojave on the 2019 Mac Pro and that’s like wishing for diarrhea instead of hemorrhoids.

Ship it first, then test it” — seemingly Tim Cook’s philosophy. The buck stops with him but the Apple Core Rot surely is festering a level down with Mr F. I cannot print the private information I am aware of that leads me to say this with justification, but until Mr F is fired, it isn’t going to improve. And if Mr Cook doesn’t do that, then he bears FULL responsibility. Well, he already does—this has gone on since 2013. Enough is enough Mr Cook—get your act together and start showing some respect for customers!

Along comes macOS Crapalina 10.15.3

Forget the ridiculous bug that for two days, macOS claimed that no software updates were available—I had to reboot to get it to notice.

Tonight, I updated (“upgraded” is an oxymoron with Apple software) to macOS Crapalina 10.15.3. IMMEDIATELY, I found:

  • Display resolution f-ed up (requires rebooting and fixing).
  • Display arrangement f-ed up (requires rebooting and fixing).
  • Menu bar moved to the wrong display.
  • Display brightness f-ed up (fix it every time I reboot, this bug is reported by many users), so this bug is NOT fixed.
  • SoftRAID driver REMOVED and has to be reinstalled (and requires disabling Secure Boot).

Does it fix anything? I don‘t know yet. And maybe it fixes 2 things and breaks 3 more, a real possibility. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.

This garbage-dump experience feels like Windows '98 redux.

It is hard to respect a leader who allows this fiasco to go on year after year.

* Four decades ago when I was 16 working with my younger brother as a laborer, I goofed on a construction job that almost wrecked a very large concrete patio, a mistake that would have cost thousands of dollars at the least to redo. The boss, skilled at colorful language, was kind enough to not fire me but he made it clear that it “was a Major F* Up Boys!!!!”

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