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Why Does Apple Put Random Unwanted Crud Into my iPhone Calendar?

This unwanted random event showed up in my calendar today. I don’t know anyone with such a birthday, and if I did, I wouldn’t want it inserted into my calendar.

Random garbage inserted into calendar

Why does Apple think it’s OK to seek out random garbage in my email and insert it into my calendar and what gives Apple the right to do that without my consent just because a new OS version is shipped?

I would like my person and property respected—my calendar is mine. These kind of shenanigans (below) are just wrong and presumptuous. Somehone obviously thinks it is a Good Idea to turn on this sort of thing for everyone—but when it comes to my data, that’s a personal matter. It becomes offensive to have Apple’s idea of my personal data as some sort of playground for their software developers. The basic attitude around this stuff is improper and last year it led to a calendar-spam problem. I see it as just one small example in a much larger whole of Apple Core Rot—it’s not just software quality control but a lack of judgment and ultimately—disrespect for users.

Update and how to disable unwanted Calender events

Disable unwanted Calender insertions in iOS Settings

I think I’ve found the answer: new options in macOS that shovel garbage into my calendar, without my consent. On the iPhone, I can find no way to turn it off—the options are either the Siri calendar or the Found in Mail calendar for default calendar—I can’t find an off button.

Is every user supposed to notice new unwanted features at every OS release and opt out? To seek out new enabled options that are not wanted? To actively be on the lookout for junk inserted into personal data? And why do I have 3 Reminders Calendars anyway.

I’ve done everything I can to turn off Siri, and there it is in my Calendar (enabled) and with a new “Found in Mail” calendar that I don’t want to use and I do not want to see. Apple, let me control my own Stuff and stop this presumptuous software development. It’s in the same vein as shoveling some music into iTunes like Apple did some few years back. It shows a lack of respect; it’s one thing to change the OS, it’s quite another to modify user data. I pay Apple for products I want, not what I don’t want—an implicit contract I expect Apple to honor.

The presumptuousness reminds me in a way of the 20-something at Whole Foods who thinks he’s on a first-name basis with me once he sees it on my credit card—disrespectful. Except at Apple these are software developers and they foist it on hundreds of millions of people. I think that a customer base that large raises the bar much higher when making changes that affect people in an unwanted way.

Unwanted Calendars, including Siri which is turned off

Bugs galore

iCloud is the most unreliable and confusing software I have used in my entire computing life, with iTunes a kitchen-sink dreck that is mainly an advertising billboard. So I avoid iCloud and anything related as much as I can.

Apple ought to make their crapware work before shoveling in unwanted features. iCloud has been so unreliable for so many years that I avoid as much of it as I can—here it is failing at a basic operation with an inscrutable error.

Attempting to merge calenders
Attempting to merge calenders
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