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iPhone Features, AT&T vs Verizon

See What does an iPhone 6 Plus cost? and screen size on the iPhone 6 Plus.

Ivan writes:

With some practical considerations:

Regarding your comments on the iPhone6+…… When the iPhone 5 came out, I decided to try and buy one from both AT&T and Verizon. I returned the Verizon iPhone (14 day policy). AT&T has superior phone clarity and the use of the data at the same time of placing a phone call. That is a big plus for me, and is not offered on the other networks. Verizon is now only starting to offer it in some areas from what I heard.

As for pricing, Verizon is more in my area vs. AT&T (south FL). I just compared it again, and the reduced rate of each line for the Next plan makes it so. Otherwise, its the same price. Sprint is a little less but, I don’t have the confidence in the network and the iPhone will also cannot do data and cell at the same time.

I have 4 iPhones on a plan, and just upgraded all to the Plus and I am getting on average $200 per iPhone trade in (have you thought of selling your iPhone 5s (probably get $275) and use it towards the replacement?). I will say I am pleased with AT&T customer service responses, so far. But I do think it is not a coincidence all the carriers price the same (I think you know what I mean). One other side note, the insurance plan from AT&T is less than the others, considerably. But their deductibles are onerous, whereas the Applecare does provide if you break the screen (with a $80 deductible (I think) but, not if it is stolen.

I am tempted not to get Applecare (I don’t need tech support) and get the AT&T insurance plan since the Next plan will allow me to trade up after 1 year. Moving on, there was an article and video on the net a few days ago that indicated 2 - 3 times faster LTE service with the new iPhone 6 vs. the iPhone 5s. I don’t know if that is indicative in every area. But I do know the longer battery life, more pixels, and larger display is a plus for me. I wonder if there is a larger source antenna in the plus version? Anyway, just my two cents.

MPG: These are very good points, particularly voice clarity, where I also rejected Verizon some time ago for poor voice quality vs the GSM standard used by AT&T. I have excellent hearing , never having wrecked my ears by rock concerts or chainsaws or such.

As noted in my previous comments, it’s impossible for me to test actual performance (network availability and speed) in the mountains where I travel short with anything less than a 500 mile round trip; only a full test would suffice. And travel is my critical business need. Faster LTE is of no interest to me since I see speeds as low as 100 bytes (bytes!) per second on an old edge network in Yosemite’s Tuolumne Meadows; regular 4G is ample for my travel needs.

The AT&T Next plan is financing on the full cost of the phone over time (full retail and its price at introduction). Just multiply out the monthly payment by the term.

Longer battery life and a larger display are big pluses, but reception is something one can only test in the field, and here I doubt that it’s any better where I travel.

As for selling my iPhone 5s, AT&T rejected my request to unlock it, since it is still within the 2 year committment term.

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