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What I Want More than an Apple Watch: Sensing Peripherals Including Detachable Small Cameras

re: Apple Watch

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is not all that comfortable; it’s large and heavy and I am constantly aware it’s there. And it needs a tight fit on the wrist to do its job right (health stats, I got the sports band). It is not something I want to wear, unlike a phone in my pocket, which I can just forget about.

  • To get accurate heart rate, it has to be strapped on pretty tight. Once this is done HR bpm matches beat-for-beat my Polar H10 heart rate monitor strap.
  • It just gets annoying after a while. So I am not going to sleep in it for sleep stats, which nukes that as a useful feature.

As yet I am unsure whether the Apple Watch offers enough value, or if it’s mainly a toy. For some, it surely makes sense... for me I need a few weeks for it to prove it has any value.

What I want more than Apple Watch

The iPhone is a hub for any manner of add-on "sensing peripherals" as I’ll call them.

Like most, I carry my iPhone everywhere: work, cycling, hiking, etc.

But these days, security concerns me in various circumstances: dangerous drivers particularly on my bike, Bad People on the street, etc.

So what I want are fairly cheap but high quality detachable cameras that I can attach to helmet, billed-cap, shirt front, rear of my jersey, etc.

The iPhone would save looping streams from those cameras and in the event of a Siri command or button press, etc would live-stream the last minute or so and ongoing until stopped.

Because I want the perp caught, or the driver caught that hit me, so my family can prosecute and sue them if I am hurt or killed.

I know that some such cameras exist, but so far they’ve had crappy interfaces are not not well integrated... though perhaps I’ve missed something.

A real concern? I’ve almost been killed TWICE in the past 3 years just as I turn into my own driveway, by my asshole neighbors who feel the need to speed past me at 40-50 mph on a 25mph dead-end street with 200 yards to go. No, I am not shitting you. Since I maintain a high situational awareness, so far I’ve avoided being a victim. But all it takes is one mistake.

* My observation is that EV drivers have become the new hotrodders, going way too fast and making much less noise too. I despise EVs when I ride my bike for that reason. Just 4 days ago, some neighbor in a Tesla floored it right past me at 60 mph up a short hill ( 25mph local street) to fast-roll a stop sign. EV drivers are terrible, blowing through stop lights watching their Tesla screens or whatever the f*ck they are doing. One hit my wife at Costco recently too. Observational bias? I don’t think so; my street I am familiar with for 30 years. This behavior is NEW.

Anon writes:

I feel the seem way. But unfortunately, running over a cyclist is basically consequence free.

My 12 year old son got hit by a car going 45mph a month ago. He was in the bike lane hugging the curb when I presume a distracted driver came all the way into the bike lane and hit him. Miraculously he survived with just some road rash. Her side mirror was destroyed (probably by hitting him) and her front windshield was cracked (maybe from the handlebar or him??).

CHP’s response: Sorry, there are a bunch of crappy drivers out there. And: What do you want me to do? There is no proof of anything.

So infuriating.

Oh well— I have read and enjoyed your blog for years. Good luck on finding a USB-C cable that goes 10Gb/s. I’m going to be trying that out today with an older intel iMac 27 inch.

MPG: motorists often get a free pass to kill. I was hit years ago by a speeder on a blind curve double yellow who nearly took-out the oncoming car. I got the same shrug from CHP, in spite of a witness who observed it all. Useless contemptible meter maids (speeding tickets is all they’re good for, but safety... forget it). That guy who hit me caused the death of another motorist 3 years later.

Just this summer, a cyclist was murdered on my daily ride—road rage. The perp will be spending some years in jail, well we hope that, but who knows with today’s backwards “justice” system where criminals go free and self-defense is illegal.

It is not always an accident, as recent news showed us. Two beefy good 'ol boys in a dualie pickup tried to run me down and kill me near Flagstaff AZ. My situational awareness saved my lifee: two very close passes on the road near Mary Lake made me aware of the threat, then a direct straight-on floored attack from a pullout. Only verring out of the very wide shoulder area saved me.

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