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Apple iPhone 4S Experience

First, the newfound Apple tendency to force the user to respond to many questions with a new phone is disturbing. I prefer my phone to work as a phone, not to be asked about every new Apple sales pitch just because I have a new phone. This is an ugly trend that could worsen without Jobs at the helm.

Reception on the iPhone 4S has been problem-free so far. No more problems with dead data services either (initial problem), though I’ve been in areas with good signal reception, and perhaps further use will dispel my initial comfort.

I like the iPhone 4S, but so far it doesn’t do a thing for me that the iPhone 3Gs didn’t already do. It’s a tool for me, that’s it, so my standards are both higher and lower than many who love all the nerd features.

Self-portrait focus errors

The autofocus accuracy is UNUSABLE for taking self portraits, which I like to do on bike rides (no one is there to take a photo of me). The 4S focuses on infinity when my body and head occupy 2/3 of the frame— so I’m blurry and there is a nice sharp background of the horizon. The 4S does this 100% of the time for me. This is brain-dead, since a large foreground object ought to take precedence.

Video focus hunting

I tried using the iPhone 4S to shoot some video today. It was hopeless. The phone kept refocusing every few seconds, going in and of focus, making the video worse than amateurish, even on a high contrast scene.


Works amazingly well sometimes, and awfully bad at other times. I don’t have time to invest training it or fiddling with it. The future of robotics? I have to admit that “Call Obama” has come in handy. Well, not really. What I really need is the “Siri, Print me money” feature.

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