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WSJ: Apple Makes Security Changes to Protect Users From iPhone Thefts

re: Data Loss by Failing To Backup
re: WSJ: A Basic iPhone Feature Helps Criminals Steal Your Entire Digital Life
re: WSJ: The iPhone Setting Thieves Use to Lock You Out of Your Apple Account

First, it is incredibly foolish to not maintain multiple backups. Especially professionals, who need worry not only about that, but about data integrity.

It took 8 months, but late is better than never. And it doesn’t address the core issue: Apple has no process in place for recovery of user accounts. In a shameless and irresponsible approach, it’s all “on you” if you are not attentive enough to do everything just right.

WSJ: Apple Makes Security Changes to Protect Users From iPhone Thefts


Stolen Device Protection can prevent criminals from using your passcode to change your Apple account

...Apple ID password change

• If you do nothing:A thief can use the passcode to change your Apple account password and lock you out. This move is the key to thieves turning off Find My and wiping phones for resale. Since you, the iPhone’s owner, don’t have the changed Apple ID password, you can’t immediately locate your iPhone or remotely wipe its data.

• With Stolen Device Protection: If you want to change an Apple ID password when away from a familiar location, the device will require your Face ID or Touch ID. It will then implement an hour-long delay before you can perform the action. After that hour has passed, you will have to reconfirm with another Face ID or Touch ID scan. Only then can the password be changed.


MPG: this change might result in worse things, since Tthe law of unintended consequences applies. Before, a thief might take your stuff, and happily depart. Now maybe you’ll get a dirtbag pointing a gun* at you and making you show your face to the phone. That hourlong delay is there, but might people now die in addition to losing their stuff: force you into some dark alley at gunpoint, wait an hour. Or, knock you unconscious and use face/thumbprint, etc.

Keeping up with the increasingly complex requirements to minimize your risks has become a ridiculous chore for every iPhone user. It is Windows 98 all over again. iPhone and its ilk have become bloated with frequent updates and complexities.

Relying upon Apple services as a robust store of your stuff might be OK for low-value stuff, but adults should have a backup and restore recovery plan in place that does not involve a company that lacks any credible concern over your data.

When you think about the complexity of theft issues, unexpected untimely demise, etc.... then cloud-based backups start to look like a choice for children and idiots. Stick to the tried and true: at least two offsite backups stored safely away from the computer.

* Guns that law-abiding citizens cannot own or 'caryy' without special approval, but criminals have carry illegal weapons with illegal high-cap magazines as a rule.

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