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What I Want in an iPhone: Dual Carrier Support Simultaneously

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See Apple iPhone 7 Caution: GSM-only model lacks CDMA network support, precluding future use with Verizon or Sprint for background.

What I (Lloyd) really want in an iPhone is simultaneous dual-carrier support. Specifically:

  1. Internet connectivity (cell phone hot spot) on either or both phone networks simultaneously, ideally using bonding for increased bandwidth. Reason: I travel where cell phone coverage is spotty and often weak, a serious challenge for years now.
  2. Dual phone numbers live at the same time on the same cell phone: one AT&T and one Verizon. Reason: spotty coverage where I travel, but also to separate types of calls and callers.

Most of the hype and hooplah is about 4G and LTE and such. What I care about is real-world coverage, that is, any coverage in the areas I frequently travel in. Coverage maps, even the best, are phony baloney where I travel—useless.

This idea seems so obvious that I don’t know why business travelers don’t demand it. I already take dual iPhones with me when traveling, because I cannot risk the loss of connectivity.

Apple iPhone 7 support for cell phone spectrum
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