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Apple Watch is Out and In Crazy Demand, What’s it For?

In With the Coming of the Apple Watch, Digital Monitoring is the Next Big Thing, I suggested that Apple Watch would be a Really Big Deal.

Then I looked at what it meant to me as a serious cyclist. I’ve looked some more and I cannot find a single feature that does anything for my cycling needs. But it might incent “gotta do it” exercisers and that might end up being a public health benefit in a statistical way. More power to 'em and to Apple for that—applauded.

Then I looked some more (those hyper polished Apple videos), and while it’s all done with the usual Apple style and elegance, I was left wondering how I would possibly use one. Huh. Maybe a really good voice recorder with voice to text might itself be a worthwhile app for me at times, but to wear the watch for that seems a bit silly.

Now the Apple Watch is out—and sold out. Which is to be expected with a new and gorgeous product from the world’s most successful company of all time. I’ve enjoyed not wearing a watch for years now (though I have a quality self-winding classic), so I await something with 4X the battery life, self-charging by solar and motion, no dependency on an iPhone, a built-in camera and phone. Or a really compelling feature. I might have to wait a long time for that.

My teenagers aren’t interested in iWatch, and they tell me there isn’t much interest in iWatch among their high school friends, but I remain skeptical that it won’t be a hit with teenagers at some point—maybe some iWatch killer app that goes viral will ignite it. Perhaps the main issue is that it requires an iPhone to work well, and my kids attend a government school with a wide range of student backgrounds, and most kids there can’t afford an iPhone. But at least in Palo Alto, where even 8 year olds have iPhones, it ought to sell well to kids.

It will be very interesting to see how the iWatch market works out. New technology can disrupt unexpected areas of life, and I have a sense that the iWatch might well do that—health care perhaps, but maybe somewhere else too.

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