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NewerTech NuGuard KX Case for iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, iPhone X (saved my iPhone several times when dropped) + Screen Protectors

NewerTech NuGuard KX case for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus
(similar design for iPhone 6 and 8 models)

Get NewerTech NuGuard KX Case for iPhone 6/7/8/X and Plus versions and iPhone screen protector at

My wife and one of my daughters have both cracked their iPhone screens, not having had the NewerTech NuGuard KX case on their phones, but my iPhone 6s Plus has been dropped onto hard surfaces a number of times, and it remains undamaged. See My iPhone 6s Plus Saved From Cracking Again by NewerTech NuGuard KX Case.

As yet, my iPhone 7 Plus has worn its NuGuard case and has yet to suffer any damage. [I am opting out of this iPhone upgrade cycle (iPhone 8 and X series)].

My father writes:

I bought an iPhone 8. Do you recommend I put a screen protector on it?

First, one drop onto rocks or concrete could break the phone in general, so I consider a protective case the most important line of defense. Many a case offers minimal protection, though I’d say such cases trade off protection for thin-ness and stylistic look.

I generally do not use a screen protector as a few tiny nicks or scratches don’t bother me, though I might change my view if I drop my phone onto a sharp rock someday! In my view, the case is the most important thing. A screen protector adds additional protection and keeps the glass pristine. It might also make the difference between damage that requires repair, versus just a nick, should the face of the phone strike a sharp pointed surface.

Why a protective case matters to me a lot

When cycling I pull the phone out of a cycling jersey pocket, particularly risky time to drop the phone. The case adds considerably superior grip.

When hiking in the mountains making iPhone panoramas it is always a risk to drop the phone onto rocks. Still, experience shows that hardware floors at home are more of a risk, based on the number of times I’ve dropped my phone.


NewerTech Offering NuGuard KX Protective Cases for Apple iPhone 8 & 8 Plus

State-of-the-Art Military X-Orbing Case is built to survive life.

Woodstock, IL, September 29, 2017 – NewerTech, a leading provider of performance upgrades and accessories for Macs and other Apple products since 1984, announced the availability of NewerTech NuGuard KX cases for the new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. As with previous versions of these protective cases, the KX case for iPhone 8 & 8 Plus uses state-¬of-¬the-¬art military-grade X-Orbing Gel Technology to absorb and evenly distribute kinetic energy. This protection is engineered into a one-piece design featuring a hard outer shell integrated with a soft interior core. iPhone owners manage their lives through their phones, and the NuGuard KX case protects that life investment against accidental drops, impacts, and scratches, while still allowing it to fit easily in a pocket or bag.

Innovative Design, Incredible Impact Protection, and Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

As with NuGuard KX cases for other iPhone models, KX cases for iPhone 8 and 8 Plus provide enhanced protection around the device’s screen without interfering with edge-to-edge touch accessibility. Easily organize apps across multiple screens and type messages with full access to the keyboard. Precision cutouts offer access to all of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus ports and buttons. The KX case features a unique crosshatch-texture on the back and sides for a comfortable hold in hand and a strong grip on smooth surfaces, while still being able to quickly slip out of a pocket or bag. The strongest case also deserves the best warranty -- KX cases ship with a lifetime-replacement guarantee

NuGuard KX Case Features:

  • Revolutionary X-Orbing Gel Technology absorbs and evenly distributes kinetic energy
  • One piece design: hard outer shell integrated with soft interior core
  • Exceptional protection without being bulky.
  • Fast and simple to install Complete access to all ports and buttons
  • Crosshatch-texture design offers secure grip, yet easy pocket removal
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee

Availability & Pricing

The KX cases for iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are available now at:

NewerTech NuGuard KX case for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus:protects the dual lens assembly, which protrudes
(iPhone 8 model has a a similar design)
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