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Apple iPhone 7: can an Unlocked Model Actually be Bought at Apple Store?

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Update 12 September: I called Apple to try to buy an unlocked any-carrier phone (with both GSM and CDMA support) and was told that at this time Apple cannot/will not sell an unlocked carrier-free phone supporting both GSM and CDMA, but that it may be coming in a few weeks.

Update 13 October: SIM-free any-carrier iPhone 7 models can now be purchased.


See Apple iPhone 7 Caution: GSM-only model lacks CDMA network support, precluding future use with Verizon or Sprint for why one might want to buy a iPhone 7 for Verizon when intending to use it with AT&T (for now).

The Apple web store blocks purchase of an unlocked paid-in-full contract-free iPhone 7, because it demands existing account information, making it impossible to proceed unless one already has an account with that carrier.

So, for example, I have AT&T currently (and intend to use the iPhone 7 on AT&T, but I want an all-carrier model, as per the above link).

Since Apple demands existing Verizon customer info, I am not able to buy the unlocked paid-in-full contract-free iPhone 7 for Verizon. Ditto for any other carrier choice except T-Mobile (why?), but that doesn’t help if the goal is a phone with GSM and CDMA support.

Maybe an unlocked Verizon phone can be bought by purchasing via telephone?

UPDATE 10 September: Apple’s own sales force was ignorant of the online stuff below. I was unable to get an answer/confirmation when I called Apple business sales.

Unable to buy paid-in-full contract-free iPhone 7: not an existing Verizon customer

Here’s the other reason I wanted the Verizon model: it can be had in about a week. AT&T models are all 2-3 weeks.

Verizon 256GB model readily much better availability

Don H writes:

You mention that you can't buy an unlocked phone via the Apple online store. This may be frustrating, but not unprecedented. In the past the fully-unlocked models of each new phone weren't available for purchase for the first few weeks immediately following the product announcement. While this (again) isn't spelled out on Apple's site, it's something that that the Apple rumor/news sites discuss each time a new iPhone comes out.

I'm guessing that Apple is supply-constrained and may even have sales obligations to the carriers that takes precedent over the unlocked models until things settle down.

MPG: MPG doesn’t know the timing or details.


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