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2023 MacBook Pro M3 Max: Real World Photoshop: Make Multi-Res Image Series

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Consult with Lloyd, to design a complete system for photography or similar including backup and data safety

MPG tested both the 14-inch and 16-inch models Apple 2023 MacBook Pro M3 Max 128GB /4TB, model Z1AU002AK and model Z1AF001AN. See all Apple MacBook Pro M3 Max.

Consult with Lloyd to design a complete system for photography or similar including backup and data safety.

2023 MacBook Pro M3 Max


This test is as real world as it gets, one that I (Lloyd) do frequently for generating lens rendering aperture series, such as for this lens comparison. It is a time-consuming and work-stopping task, so performance gains are very welcome. It is a workflow that might have limited significance for the workflow of others. Still, if workflow is scripted in Photoshop, it likely applies.

This javascript-driven automation script generates series of images which in part does not lend itself to multiple CPU cores. However, the task is mostly about Image sizing, Smart Sharpen, and saving a JPEG.

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The M1/M2 Macs disappoint, and the reason is not clear. It appears to relate to a poor scripting (javascript) implemention in Photoshop, possibly involving some pathological security checks by macOS that happen hundreds of times as the script runs.

That said, the MBP M3 Max leads the pack.

This being my (Lloyd’s) single most important task in Photoshop, the one that slows my work the most, it’s a bummer for the Apple Silicon platforms, and it was equally poor a year prior. Will this ever be fixed?

2023 MacBook Pro: CCreate multiple resolution aperture series (126 output images of varying sizes)
2023 MacBook Pro M3 Max
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