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OWC Atlas Ultra CFExpress B Camera Card: Awesomely Fast, Perfect Encrypted Wallet Backup

re: Are your Backups Valid? and a Backup is a Hope and a Prayer unless it’s a VERIFIED backup

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I’ve been carrying the OWC Atlas Ultra CFExpress Type B card in my wallet as a backup of critical data, should everything else vanish. Actually, that and also a 1TB OWC Atlas Pro CFExpress Type B. I hardly notice their presence there in my “dad wallet”.

Recommended camera cards and readers: SDXC and CFExpress
Good choices: OWC Atlas FXR, OWC Atlas Dual CFexpress + SD Card Card Reader, OWC Atlas Pro, OWC Atlas Ultra

I wanted to test the new DiskTester Java on some other SSD variant, so I opted for the OWC Atlas Ultra CFExpress B Camera Card, not designed for this kind of unrelenting write-abuse , but if any card can handle it, the Atlas Ultra can.

OWC Atlas camera cards and card readers are designed for still photography and video capture, not getting beat to crap by testing programs. But the Atlas Ultra just shrugs it off and the OWC Innergize software resets cards to like-new factory fresh condition.

OWC Atlas camera cards

Test results

The OWC Atlas Ultra CFExpress Type B card is incredibly fast, averaging 1642 MB/sec for reads and 1371 MB/sec for writes — over the entire capacity.

You do need the OWC FX Card Reader (Thunderbolt) to get this performance... fine by me for this purpose. What is more convenient than an encrypted backup that goes anywhere?

OWC Thunderbolt Pro Dock and OWC Flex 8 also have integrated CFExpress Type B card reader.

The OWC Atlas Ultra CFExpress Type B card is incredibly fast, averaging 1642 MB/sec for reads and 1371 MB/sec for writes.

That’s not just theoretical testing speed—IntegrityChecker Java delivers 1640 MB/sec doing SHA512 hashing for data integrity verification.

Graph in MiB/sec. Multiply by 1.048 for MB/sec.
Avg Write: 1307 Mib/sec = 1371 MB/sec
Avg Read: 1566 Mib/sec = 1642 MB/sec

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