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2013 Mac Pro Arrives

See the MPG buying links to B&H photo for the 2013 Mac Pro. Thanks for using!

See previous discussion on 2013 Mac Pro order status and Apple logistics.

The MPG Mac Pro has arrived. It was supposed to go directly to OWC for the 3.3 GHz 8-core CPU upgrade, but in spite of four phone calls to Apple with assurances of the shipping address being updated, the shipping address was not changed. No big deal (sarcasm), only a $350 screwup for me—I have to have it right away, since the loaner I am using has to go back and I cannot be without a computer. So it’s overnight shipping two way. Nice job Apple—ship it late and ship it wrong.

Update March 7: I have to hand it to Apple for doing something entirely unexpected and praiseworthy: out of the blue I received a call from Apple apologizing for the mishandling, along with an offer to refund some of the shipping (about half, e.g. ~$175). While I am not made entirely whole, I expected nothing at all, certainly not coming out of nowhere like that. It’s a class act and deserves mention here.

So tomorrow out it goes to OWC for that CPU upgrade*. I have the privilege of being the first customer of this new OWC program - which OWC will soon be opening up for all.

It should be back by Friday or Saturday, where it will be put into “production” use, primarily for intensive photography. As shown below, I ordered the 4-core CPU with 12GB; it will become an 8-core with 64GB memory and the D700 GPUs. It doesn’t get any faster. Still, it’s only a little faster than the stock 6-core CPU, which is the MPG recommendation for the vast majority of users.

* OWC is performing the CPU upgrade on the MPG Mac Pro in advance of public availability of the upgrade program (expected soon). Rolling out such a service requires logistics and support to do it right, so anyone looking to do a CPU upgrade should appreciate that OWC is taking the time to implement the service robustly.

How those thunderbolt ports are used matters—see 2013 Mac Pro: Thunderbolt Performance Tips.

2013 Mac Pro rear ports
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