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2013 Mac Pro: Apple Misses Ship Dates, What is Wrong with Apple Logistics? (UPDATE: Mac Pro SHIPS)

See the MPG buying links to B&H photo for the 2013 Mac Pro. Thank you for using!

See previous discussion on 2013 Mac Pro order status.

Something is rotten in the city of Cupertino, or rather, Austin TX, where the Mac Pro is manufactured. It’s just strange to see Apple execute poorly.

I’ve never seen such amorphous delivery dates, and now my order has clearly slipped: I received a phone call from Apple in Texas at 15:55 informing me that my Mac pro would ship in “5 to 7 days”. MacRumors has a similar report.

Oddly, a CC hold was put on my card a full week ago, a hold that has since elapsed, which is even more strange: how can a company think it’s time to ship, pre-charge the full amount, then miss it by 5-7 days?

Apple is clearly having logistics and planning difficulties, but the nature of the issue(s) is unclear. Perhaps there is a component shortage that is delaying production, or perhaps there are problems in the production itself. But that is only a symptom—to think it does not go deeper makes for a comforting but naive thought, no matter what public excuse or rationalization is offered.

MPG sees it as another of many symptoms of Apple Core Rot, now spreading to the execution level. Apple reached its zenith with Steve Jobs (a true genius), believe it or not. All great companies gain steam, but like a 2-mile-long train train loaded with iron ore (the spillage great ammo for my childhood slingshot), inertia carries it a very long way, and a cooked noodle at the helm cannot steer a visionary course. It will take a long time for that to be perceived (being first always looks wrong), but that changes nothing. Nor does it mean I don’t prefer Apple products over competing brands—it isn’t relevant to the foregoing—for now. But I would not be 'long' on Apple, even if there are short and intermediate term gains likely.

UPDATE Mar 1: to their credit Apple updated shipping to overnight and I did not ask, they just did it. That is a good way to operate and deserves kudos.

Now my challenge is to get the shipment rerouted to OWC for the 3.3 GHz 8-core CPU upgrade before it actually goes onto a truck/plane. (Among other considerations, Apple can’t charge sales tax for destination vs buyer, e.g., Texas vs California, so I had to wait until my CC was actually charged, there is now a pending charge for the full amount).

Update, Mar 4: A phone call to Apple Saturday Mar 1st after my CC was charged led to assurances of the shipping address being updated as requested, and that was while the Mac Pro was still at Apple. A subsequent phone call on Monday led to “it should be rerouted” which led to noting— the Mac Pro was delivered today to the address I did not want. So now I have to ship it out to where it needs to go. This follows two other phone calls to Apple the week prior.

The MPG 2013 Mac Pro ships
2013 Mac Pro rear ports
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