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Kingston HyperX 128GB Data Traveler USB3 Thumb Drive

2014-12-27 • SEND FEEDBACK
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MPG tested model Kingston HyperX DTHX30/128GB @AMAZON.

Compact storage for critical files can go into a pocket or safe deposit box or briefcase and so on—which is why MPG acquired the Kingston HyperX 128GB Data Traveler.

Developer Tim Standing of SoftRAID recommended this drive to MPG as one that takes a beating under test load, and just keeps working, with many other brands crapping out within a few months.

Kingston HyperX 128GB Data Traveler USB3 Thumb Drive

Large transfers

Performance for very large transfers is outstanding—MPG had modest expectations for a USB3 thumb drive, but this performance from an about $100 @AMAZON thumb-size SSD is remarkable.

Kingston advertises 135 MB/sec writes and 225 MB/sec reads. At leat for large transfers, these figures are greatly exceeded.

disktester fill-volume drive speed across the drive capacity
Kingston HyperX 128GB

Speed vs transfer size

Performance for 32K transfer sizes is very good for reads, and rather slow for writes. The implication is that copying small files will be sloooooooow.

But with 64K transfers, speed picks up markedly for writes and is quite fast for reads. Transfer speed maxes-out around 256K - 512K.

Kingston advertises 135 MB/sec writes and 225 MB/sec reads. As is plain to see, these are very conservative figures, with tests showing much higher results for many transfer sizes.

disktester run-sequential-suite — speed vs transfer size
Kingston HyperX 128GB
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