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Capture One 20: Export to JPEG (Phase One IQ4)

MPG tested the maxed-out $6099 Apple 2019 MacBook Pro 16-inch 2.4 GHz Intel Core i9 / 64GB / 8TB / Radeon Pro 5500M 8GB.

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2019 MacBook Pro 16-inch

This test is about exporting to JPEG from Capture One 20, a very common production task. Exporting to TIF would be a bit slower, due to much greater I/O demands (about a gigabyte per file), and should therefore be done using a very fast SSD when performance is a concern.

Results: Raw file conversion to JPEG — 150-megapixel Phase One IQ4 Raw

Processing lossless-compressed raw Phase One IQ4 raw files is presumably single-threaded for the decompression phase, which would account for the use of 2-3 CPU cores during this test. Everything else appears to done by the GPU when using Capture One 20. That’s good, but what is not so good is that 5 to 6 of 8 CPU cores are idle the entire time. Ideally Capture One would use both the CPU cores and the GPU.

See the diglloyd in-depth review of the Phase One IQ4 and other reviews of medium format camera gear in diglloyd Medium Format.

The 2019 MacBook Pro takes 31% longer than the 2019 iMac 5K. If repeatedly exporting large numbers of JPEG is your thing, then the MacBook Pro falls short compared to most other metrics.

2019 MacBook Pro: Convert 52 Canon 5DS R 50-megapixel raw flies to JPEG
2019 MacBook Pro 16-inch

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