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Workaround for the Kernel Panic with M2 Macs: File Sharing via 10 Gigabit Ethernet

re: Bleeding Edge Computing: In Less than 24 hours, macOS Ventura Seemingly Self Destructs

I didn’t much like the idea of converting my 8TB OWC Thunderblade SSD from SoftRAID to Apple Disk Utility format, so I decided on another course which sidesteps the entire issue, albeit slowing performance to ~1.1GB/sec.

File sharing with 10 gigabit ethernet

File sharing over 10 gigabit ethernet gets the job done nicely. Regular ethernet also works, but 1150 MB/sec is 10X faster than 115 MB/sec.

Connect from one Mac to the other via File Sharing.


Performance is at or near the absolute limit of 10 gigabit, as IntegrityChecker Java proves*:

MacPro:MPG $ icj verify /Volumes/Work/Archived/2016-0606-TripPhotos/
# icj 3.0fc29.2 2023-07-01 12:00
8%: 119 files 4490 MiB @ 1122 MiB/sec, 00:04.002  [1139,3940ms]
25%: 338 files 13.5 GiB @ 1151 MiB/sec, 00:12.00  [1166,4235ms]
51%: 668 files 27.2 GiB @ 1160 MiB/sec, 00:24.00  [1168,4222ms]
76%: 1000 files 40.8 GiB @ 1160 MiB/sec, 00:36.00  [1156,4281ms]
100%: 1319 files 53.3 GiB @ 1160 MiB/sec, 00:47.04 DONE 
182 folders totaling 53.3 GiB in /Volumes/Work/Archived/2016-0606-TripPhotos

* IntegrityChecker Java works on any file system, and on Macs, PCs, Linux, NAS, network volumes, etc.

Configuration in macOS Ventura

Configure a non-routable LAN-local subnet not otherwise in use eg 10.0.0.x or 192.168.1.x. This will be a 2nd local LAN for use only between the two machines.

macOS Ventura: configuring 10 gigabit ethernet

Configuration in macOS Monterey

Same idea.

macOS Monterey: configuring 10 gigabit ethernet
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