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Big Thanks to B&H Photo — Apple 16-inch MacBook Pro Coming For Review

re: Why a Desktop Computer is Often Better than a Laptop

Consult with Lloyd for any kind of computer purchase, RAID setup, backup strategy, Photoshop optimization, etc.

A big THANK YOU to B&H Photo for graciously agreeing to send a loaner 16" MacBook Pro 32GB/1TB/32GPU for review/testing, which MPG will review in depth when it arrives (perhaps a fairly long lead time given delayed availability even direct from Apple).

CLICK TO VIEW: Apple MacBook Pro 16" with M1 Max chip

2021 MacBook Pro 16"

Configuration to be tested

MBP-16-SG-24 Apple 16.2" MacBook Pro with M1 Max Chip — 10 core / 64GB / 1TB SSD / 32 GPU cores

This is a mainstream moderately high-end configuration. For my demanding uses, I would bump it up to 4TB SSD.

MPG’s testing of the MBP will focus on real-world performance including Photoshop, Lightroom, Zerene Stacker, Gigapixel AI, IntegrityChecker, and other demanding real-world applications, aimed mostly at photographers—similar to what was done for the 2019 MacBook Pro.

Please buy your Mac through the links on this site to B&H Photo, if at all feasible—both MPG and B&H thus benefit. And get your accessories and storage from OWC.

How will the Apple M1 Max chip fare against both my 2019 iMac 5K with 128GB memory, and the 2019 Mac Pro 28-core with 384GB memory? Super interesting to find out.

The MBP will have 64GB memory, but all tests fit comfortably within that, so we can get a sense of raw computing power vs my other machines on just about everything I commonly do. I do frequently process even larger files in Photoshop, so I can also see how that works out.

B&H Payboo pays sales tax!

I’m also keen to see how fast the Java runtime is, particularly with IntegrityChecker Java, and my local web server and development environment. P

B&H pays the sales tax for you (most states)

When you buy at B&H Photo, you can use the B&H Payboo card to save the sales tax.

I’ve saved thousands of dollars with it because here in tax-pig California our sales tax is at 9.25%, amounting to $323 on a $3499 laptop.

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