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macOS: 3+ CPU Cores for up to several minutes after Rebooting

At one time, it used to be that rebooting meant a few seconds of system activity, then your Mac was yours to use.

My Mac no longer belongs to me for several minutes after rebooting.

Apple now runs so many crapware daemons at system startup that my work is impeded for up to several minutes after reboot. And with sleep mode now broken on my iMac 5K, whether the machine is put to sleep or booted up you the user lose.

As shown below, 3+ CPU cores are in use doing absolutely nothing to serve my needs. It’s not just CPU usage, there is a lot of disk I/O going on that slows other things down, as well as many megabytes of network access—a serious headache in the field when connected using a weak cell phone signal (local hot spot).

As far as I can tell:

  • 'lsd' daemon process is a launch service process. Why it needs to run for minutes...?
  • 'tccd' daemon process is what?
  • syspolicyd daemon process issome kind of security thing.
  • mdworker and mds and similar are all Spotlight cruft.

But it has been a lot worse not long ago. For a while, every time I ran a Photoshop javascript for image processing, Apple’s 'sandboxd' would chew up an entire CPU core continuously and greatly slow the script. That might now be fixed, finally, at least on macOS Big Sur.

Not that Adobe is much better—numerous daemon processes even when not using Adobe software, all consuming memory and generally crapping-up the environment. I 'get it' that Adobe background processes are needed while using Adobe software. The rest of the time I’d like the 8 or 10 Adobe daemon processes to quit and leave things alone.

3+ CPU cores chewed up for up to several minutes after reboot
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