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Insolent Software Development: Adobe Creative Cloud Background Process Mess Chews up ~1GB of Memory when not in use

Lots of people love to hate Adobe, often without good reasons. And lately Adobe has been delivering solid improvements to Photoshop and Lightroom.

But... when I disable all available update and syncing cruft that I don’t want and never will want, it is infuriating that even when I am not using Adobe software (or have not used it all day!), Adobe not only clutters up my working environment as shown, but chews up nearly a gigabyte of memory— for absolutely zero value.

Software coded this way deserves scorn (BTW, Apple does it too). I have reported it two Adobe twice now, but so far there has no statement that this will be dealt with. Apple is a hopeless case with so much crapware running that it’s not even funny, and it’s a hopeless cause with Apple.

Adobe: I accept that it might have to run while I am using Adobe software. But when all this crap won’t go away when Adobe software is not in use, it transforms itself into unwanted crapware. Adobe, stop pissing-off your customers!

Not shown: "node" process which can kick in and chew up a couple of CPU cores at random.

Adobe Creative Cloud not in use still has 11 daemon processes chewing up 1GB of memory

Ed F writes:

After years of waiting and wishing for Adobe to de-clutter my Mac memory environment, I had all but given up.  However, several months ago I came across an open sourced App called LuLu which lets me take back command by "blocking unknown outgoing connections, unless explicitly approved by the user."

Besides successfully reducing Adobe 'services' from taking control of my machine and its memory, I have also enable rules to disable the incessant software updates pings of my various SW apps and plugins during their launch.  I can now schedule at my convenience when I want to review Apps and Plugins and then make updates and archive SW downloads/Installs. 

I am not sure if this is something you would be interested in.  However, I have been using LULU since Jan 2020 on my Mac 5,1, OS 10.13, w/64Gb Mem, 2X3.33 intel 6 core, & 1Tb OWC Accelsior 4M2, without many glitches.  In the case when there is a 'block' glitch, the user can simply change the rule to 'allow'. 

It is wonderful to take back my machine and manage all the commands floating out to the 100 or so Apps and programs that I use. (ie Topaz, has an update ping for each of its five plugins, by disabling, I can use Photoshop w/o any pings, and later on, sit down and download and install each Topaz plugin in the suite).

I have attached a screenshot showing my LULU search for Adobe command status, and a comparison between our activity monitors status for Adobe.

BTW, I have also not had any issue with Adobe services requesting resetting my PS2020 account for inactivity.

MPG: nice results and control, but I am loathe to install a kernel extension unless absolutely necessary.

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