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Will Apple M1 Macs Become More Reliable than Intel-based Macs?

Apple has a hard time getting things right with macOS, with a years-long history of nasty security bugs and more recently, kernel panic problems. Apple Core Rot.

But with one integrated CPU and GPU on a chip made by Apple, together with a forced transition by application developers to this one integrated system, might the risk of bugs, particularly GPU bugs, decline significantly?

That is, with only one GPU architecture and one API to contend with, perhaps programs like Adobe Photoshop will be more stable on a future pro-grade Apple M1 Mac?

Also, Apple’s own testing being on the same chip architecture for both iOS and macOS in effect could lead to better testing, if only by virtue of a far larger M1-chip ecosystem that tends to kick out more problems by numbers alone.

Don H writes:

Apple certainly will have very few excuses left once they own the entire stack. I’ll give them credit for getting the initial M1 transition mostly right (they’re certainly benefiting from their past migration experiences) although I’m not about to buy a v1.0 M1 Mac. But I actually look forward to the next iteration, as the Intel roadmap has practically stalled lately.

However despite their hardware advances, it still comes down to Apple’s software strategy that sours the experience. If M1 Macs become more reliable, it will likely be at the expense of usability for everything not channeled through the iOS  mentality of dumbed-down user interfaces and obscured or missing ‘expert’ features.

And as the whole platform continues to get further locked down, right or wrong, we’ll continue to lose functionality and troubleshooting tools to the extent that we might as well be leasing computers from Apple rather than calling them our own. That’s the direction I’m nervous about.

MPG: the concerns seem like a distinct possibility.

For that matter, what is to stop Apple from blocking free speech right in your web browser, or scanning your private images for anything deemed offensive to the political winds? If Apple can lend a hand in killing Parler by taking down the app for millions of innocents, what’s next?

M1 Macs ahead, or a sandpit?
f11 @ 1/125 sec, ISO 200; 2007-02-24 12:51:37
Canon EOS 5D + Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS @ 55mm

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