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macOS Catalina Screws up My Display Arrangement and Resolution EVERY TIME I Reboot

Two days ago I “upgraded”* to macOS Crapalina 10.15.3.

When I rebooted, Crapalina had screwed up most settings of my displays.

But it is much worse than I realized: when I reboot after some time, Crapalina 10.15.3:

  • Reverses the Arrangement of the displays left vs right.
  • Moves the menu bar to the wrong display.
  • Makes 2560 X 1600 resolution unavailable on my NEC PA302W—I have to reboot a 2nd time, which somehow retains the menu bar and Arrangement and I can then use 2560 X 1600.

What the hell is going on over at Apple?!!! Does Apple, the world’s most valuable company, test anything or is the new policy to just ship garbage to customers?

Heads ought to roll and I mean right to the top, because the buck stops there (lots of 'em) and because this nonsense has gone on for at least six years. But they won’t because the world loves iPhone and if you can ship garbage and make half a billion dollars of profit a day, who gives a damn?

Today, I received a new 28-core Mac Pro and it fails to be able to update to 10.15.3 repeatedly as part of the Migration Assistant process, WiFi or Ethernet. It never succeeeded so I did “skip” and updated separely. There seems to be ZERO quality control in place.

I also learned today that it is IMPOSSIBLE to uninstall some kernel extensions with 10.15.3.

My own software will run (execute) just fine... but will not install properly because of Apple’s idiotic new security restrictions, implemented to make the failure totally confusing. That makes sense right... run the software but don’t allow it to install? Who makes these moronic design decisions, and who approves them?

* Apple Orwellian doublespeak which translates as “try out our new bugs and reduced functionality!”.

Simon N writes:

I also have this problem since 10.15.3, and I have it almost always when I wake my displays from sleep. It’s like a 90% failure rate. I thought macOS might get confused by two identical displays (which would be embarrassing enough), but you use different displays if I recall it correctly?

MPG: yes I have two different displays, but I don't see that vs two identical displays as having relevance. More probably (and still maybe not relevant) are the displays themselves and how they sync.

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