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Continuing Performance Issues in Apple OS X Yosemite, Particularly in Photoshop

Grant G writes in reference to OS X Yosemite: Severe Performance Issues with File Open Dialog:

Just want to say we are experiencing the extremely slow animations/redraw
for open/save dialog boxes across all Apps.

Extremely frustrating when using Adobe Creative Cloud apps, the jerky slow animations just is bewildering, especially when we are using the Latest Mac Pro 2013's 6-Core,1TB, 32GB RAM, Dual D500's. How can the animations possibly be slow on such machines?

Yosemite needs major performance optimizations or new GPU drivers,

Thanks for posting your experience, at least we know its not just our
machines or installations. Many thanks for you website.

MPG: “how can it be?” That’s an easy one: Apple incompetence (Apple Core Rot).

But that ain’t the half of it. Due to various GPU-related problems including truly awful blurred fit-to-window behavior (single or dual display), I have little choice but to disable the GPU for my work—and yet this is only one of several other show-stopper bugs related to dual displays. But disabling the GPU has the time-wasting and intensely frustrating side effect of massively slow operation if the Preview checkbox is checked (enabled) in the Levels or Curves or similar dialogs. This is new behavior, never seen prior to late 2014. It’s unclear if this is Adobe or Apple is alone responsible, or whether it is some kind of interaction. I’ve directly (by phone) reported some of the issues to Adobe testing team, but no fixes so far. And I still cannot use a 4K display in a dual display setup as a main screen, due to Apple breaking display scaling support information in OS X Yosemite.

OS X Yosemite is a stinking cesspool of problems. There are just too many issue to document—I have real work to do, so I work around the things as best I can.

See also Apple Core Rot: More Views.

Francesco G writes:

Rulers on: zooming and panning with the hand tool is super slow and laggy. Clone and healing brush almost unusable for the delay.

Rulers off: everything works just fine.
Just toggling on and off the rulers, instantly make the problem appear and disappear.

Today's Photoshop update (2014.2.2) did not solved the problem.

MPG: tip of the iceberg, and possibly a useful tip for some.

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