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Intel X25 SSD Needs Firmware Update to be Compatible with OS X 10.8.3 ?

CNET reports that the Intel X25 SSD is incompatible with OS X 10.8.3 unless a firmware update is applied (though the article is strangely silent on saying explicitly that the update does indeed fix the issue).

My advice on the Intel X25 SSD is to replace it immediately. Not because of this issue per se, but because it’s an older design that had issues even in its heyday. And flash memory doesn’t last forever.

Work or play?

When my Mac is “down”, my livelihood is put on hold. I don’t need that kind of headache. So the smart move is to keep a clone of your boot drive so that when stuff like this happens (it will), you can just boot off the prior system.

An up-to-date clone (preferably two) should be made prior to any system update, even a minor one like 10.8.2 to 10.8.3. Especialy because Apple has now established a shameful track record of breaking things in minor updates, including removal of longstanding APIs. I don’t trust Apple any more.

Occasionally I receive emails along the lines of “why don’t I use other SSDs”.

The answer is simple: I don’t want the hassle! I want an SSD tested and proven by a company that tests on Macs and has a focus on Macs.

Hence I use the OWC Mercury Elite Pro SSDs, both the 2.5" SATA variant and the PCIe Accelsior variants, both Sandforce-based. They have served me reliably for a long time now. OWC maintains a full test lab of Macs on which all products are tested as well as free support on their products. I’m really not interested in an SSD from a company for whom the Mac is an afterthought. Because when my Mac is “down”, my livelihood is put on hold. It’s that simple.

Conrad R writes:

May SSD(Boot Drive) has gone out. What SSD should I replace it with?

I just read in MacPerformanceGuide that the Intel X25 is not compatible with 10.8.3? Maybe that is it? I'm replacing it anyway, with the 120GB 3G Mercury Electra.

DIGLLOYD: Apparently an actual case in which Apple’s software update has hosed an unsuspecting user simply doing a minor Apple update. More and more, one needs to be wary of the Apple Core Rot principle: be cautious with upgrades.

See the advice above for keeping clone backups.

As for a replacement SSD—

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