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OWC 8GB ECC Memory Modules for Mac Pro Now Mix 'n Match with 1/2/4 GB Apple and OWC Modules

The current OWC 8GB modules now mix and match with 1GB, 2GB, 4GB OWC and Apple modules (formerly, the modules would not mix with other size or type modules).

As a practical matter, most users go with all 8GB modules (24GB or 32GB in a 4/6-core Mac Pro), but this advance does mean that the following example scenarios are now compatible:

  • A Mac Pro with 3 X 4GB can now add one 8GB module for a total of 20GB.
  • A Mac Pro with 3 X 2GB can now add one 8GB module for a total of 14GB.
  • An 8/12-core Mac Pro with 6 X 2GB can add two 8GB modules for a total of 28GB.
  • ... etc ...

Fastest memory bandwidth is 3 modules in the 4/6-core Mac Pro, and 6 modules in the 8/12-core Mac Pro. The difference is small, but measurable.

I recommend purchasing 1333 MHz modules even if the Mac Pro model uses 1066 MHz, since the price difference is trivial vs 1066 MHz module, and the modules become more saleable/interchangeable at 1333 MHz (should you ever sell them or change to a different Mac Pro model).

OWC states:

We are still supporting the other 'restricted compatibility' 8GB modules/kits for those with them. The price right now is very similar between the two types making for a good transition point.

Note - universal 8GB will not mix with the restricted type 8GB (or 16GB…) as the others remain restricted as per original/current spec info.

OWC 8GB memory modules for Mac Pro
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