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Apple Account Hackers

I cannot login when I need to, but I should not worry about it. That’s useful.

What I want is a security setting that turns off this nonsense (I don’t need or want security questions).

An ongoing Apple hassle

Wil G feels less than gruntled:

Dude!!!! Amen to this post... it just chaps me indefinitely...

I don’t know if somebody with Alzheimer's has an account name similar to mine or if it is hackers... but I am so inconvenienced by having to keep resetting my password once a month... what gets me is that it is a very secure password (nobody has gotten it yet!!) but yet I still have to keep changing it.

It’s so tedious, and I love how somebody else being a jacka** means I get to do some more work...

Ok... I am going to go find my chi... glad to know that I am not the only one...

On a last note... you almost seem to have the same tone as I do...

Apple was once an inspiration to my work flow and I only sang its praises to every single person I met... Slowly, they started changing things...

- Slower updates on the MAc Pro...
- Then they truncated Final Cut Pro
- And then they told me I couldnt have a hard copy disc of a purchased program/app
- and then they thought that everybody can work off a mini...
- and then they started to IOS the hell out of everything... (hey if it cant fit on a phone then why have it?)

I am still with apple... but I no longer enjoy bragging about them...and if they abandon the mac pro... I will break up with them altogether

I feel like they forgot who sang their gospel all these years...remember hearing or saying... "if you’re a professional... you use a mac..." or " all the pros use macs". Now it seems as if they are abandoning these people... the ones who held/propped them up in the lean years...

Oh well, how much do I owe you for the therapy?

DIGLLOYD: Ah, the wonders of technology. But I’m glad I’m not a farmer.


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