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Apple Plans to Overhaul Entire Mac Line With AI-Focused M4 Chips

re: AI

So far, all generative AI can do is lie, defame, and make stuff up. It’s not an error, it’s by design. Just ask Google. Anything AI excretes, wether textual or image or video has to be assumed to be false. What good is that?

Apple Plans to Overhaul Entire Mac Line With AI-Focused M4 Chips

Yuck. I want a Mac that gets my work done faster and more efficiently. Now silicon chip area will be wasted on crap I don’t need or want, like the useless neural engine already there.

Why would I want AI in my Mac? A personal AI perhaps? I have zero need for that—see the first paragraph above.

I can’t think of any workflow task that AI could help me with, unless you include Adobe Camera Raw AI Denoise—but that’s just a name, a niche application having nothing to do with.

When Apple can’t get the basic stuff right or even fix the most rudimentary everyday bugs that continue to impede my workflow, a non-human “intelligence” will somehow aid me? Maybe Apple could start by using AI to eliminate the thousands of bugs they produce with each new macOS release?

BTW, there is little sign of human intelligence, so how do we achieve the I in AI?

Were AI honest and accurate and true, then we’d have to make it illegal to avoid civilizational collapse. But AI is trained via GIGO, and warped and distorted with biases when the GIGO does not suffice to toe the line.

It seems inevitable that AI will become the most abusive and invasive tool yet invented to monitor and control populations. The end of all liberty, everywhere, happening steadily then all at once. Which far too many people will cheer, until they come for them.

Update: the risk is real, but I don’t need to be Elon Musk to see that.

Super-powerful AI programmed in this way has severe civilization-level riskElon Musk.

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