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Apple's Vision Pro Headset: newest way to distance yourself from yourself, and from humanity?

See also: Can Apple’s Vision Pro VR Headset Win Big while Ignoring AI + Sex/Porn?

I get that 3D visualization in a headset could be terrific for certain professional tasks in which augmented-reality can improve the speed or quality of the work.

But for life at large?

It seems to me that the problems of modern life stem from stepping away from real world experiences, particularly the outdoors, fresh air, exercise, etc. Most people live their lives within the confines of walls, day and night. Count the hours yourself today and see.

Along comes a headset as one more way to avoid engaging in healthy activities. A new way to estrange yourself from anyone nearby. Add a COVID mask with it, and won’t that be a nice personal interaction.

I don’t think this technology is a good idea for living life, except as a specialized tool. But Apple clearly wants (needs) to sell tens of millions of them, or it would not bring it to market. An iPhone already has addicted most people including vulnerable young brains.

And now people can tune-out their surroundings even more effectively. According to Apple in their visual homage to DEI press release:

...a groundbreaking new feature called EyeSight for Apple Vision Pro to help the user stay connected to the people around them...

If that is not Orwellian double-speak, I don’t know what is—a feature to dial-down the separation/isolation impact. Add AirPods and you are all set to divorce yourself from humanity and the world. Check out the picture of two people on a couch, with the woman wearing the headset—seriously? Dunno about you, but if someone pretends to “connect” with me wearing that shit, I’m gone.

Pair this tech with the AI-enhanced misinformation and disinformation and what is the natural result?

“The era of spatial computing has arrived,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “Apple Vision Pro is the most advanced consumer electronics device ever created. Its revolutionary and magical user interface will redefine how we connect, create, and explore.”

Redefine how we connect... by erasing face-to-face interaction? Explore by not going there?

Apple does not mention would surely be (by far) the biggest market of all: AI-generated idealized sexual imagery that removes the need for any human interaction. Add a sexbot and it’s a brave new world! Well, maybe.

If you ever do travel to any place semi-wild (maybe in your Subaru?), will you be bringing your Vision Pro headset along? Or maybe you at home, enjoy a shallow sensory 'experience', pretending to experience such places? That’s a good fit for the shallow human “relationships” such technology engenders.

Would Steve Jobs have launched the Apple VisionPro?

f9 @ 0.6 sec electronic shutter, ISO 80; 2023-10-21 06:54:08
Fujifilm GFX100 II + Fujifilm GF 55mm f/1.7 WR @ 45.3mm equiv (55mm)
ENV: Nevada, altitude 5750 ft / 1753 m, 43°F / 6°C
RAW: Camera ASTIA, LACA corrected, vignetting corrected, WB 5150°K tint 22, pull 0.33 stops, +20 Whites, USM {8,50,0}, SmartSharpen{30,0.7,0}

[low-res image for bot]
f9 @ 1/25 sec handheld IBIS=on EFC shutter, ISO 80; 2023-10-27 16:59:58
Fujifilm GFX100 II + Fujifilm GF 55mm f/1.7 WR @ 45.3mm equiv (55mm)
ENV: WHite Mountains, altitude 11700 ft / 3566 m, 40°F / 4°C
RAW: Camera ASTIA, LACA corrected, WB 5000°K tint 15, push 0.33 stops, +70 Shadows, -100 Highlights, +20 Whites, +40 Dehaze, +10 Clarity

[low-res image for bot]
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