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macOS Ventura: Screen Capture of 2nd Display at 1/2 Resolution, Not Full-Res

re: Apple Core Rot

re: macOS Ventura: Command Key Window Shortcuts in Terminal Still Broken with 2 displays

Does Apple test anything? Stuff that worked for forever gets broken and stays that way.

cmd-control-shift-4 enters window capture mode. I use this every day to capture important stuff for blog posts and similar.

My dual-display system is main monitor NEC PA302W 2560 X 1600, with an LG 5K 5120 X 2880, with menu bar on the 2560 display.

Now, in macOS Ventura, capturing a fit-to-screen window on the LG 5K gives me a low-res 2560 X 1440 instead of 5120 X 2880. There are workarounds, all of them suck in one way or another.

Apple keeps breaking stuff in my workflow. This issue, the Terminal command-key shortcuts, destroying my user account when “upgrading”, numerous other issues.

There is no acceptable excuse for Apple’s wildly careless breakage of longstanding features: they have their priorities, and they are not about us. A long and sordid track record for 10 years or so proves that: Apple Core Rot became apparent way back in 2013! It’s mot just a pattern, it’s a genetic change to Apple DNA, festering sores on the body Apple.

UPDATE: while cmd-control-shift-4 always produces the wrong result, using cmd-shit-5 and then capturing the *same* window works fine. How do you break almost exactly the same thing?

Quality control at Apple is an oxymoron

I 'get' that new features will have bugs. Especially in the wild west of “change whatever shit we want just for change’s sake and ship it whether it's good and/or reliable or not”. That is Apple’s track record now for 8 years or more. New dog in town pisses on fire hydrant syndrome.

For existing features, you have regression tests to make sure you don’t break shit. Apparently Apple has not heard of that 40-year old practice.

Apple, the world’s most successful company, fails the most basic quality control best practices.

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