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Adobe Releases Photoshop CC 23.4.1 — FIXES Serious Performance Bugs on Apple Mac Studio M1 Ultra

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A big thank-you to B&H Photo for sending the $7999 Apple Mac Studio M1 Ultra 20-core CPU / 64-core GPU/ 128GB / 8TB SSD for review. This is exactly the configuration I would buy excepting a preference for a 4TB SSD (only to keep the cost down).

With today’s release of Photoshop CC 2022 v23.4.1, the performance problems have vaporized, and the M1 Ultra is at least not meaningfully slower than the M1 Max. And a little faster in some cases, meaning about 25% faster than v23.3.2

UPDATE: I’m seeing signs that thermal throttling may be at play in the M1 Ultra, eg a test that over iterations gets slower and slower. I might have to wait until morning to test (it is 90°F in my office). Also, not all tests are faster, but as yet I am unsure if this is temperature related.
diglloydHuge, 20 iterations: average = 20.96 {17.24, 16.53, 16.47, 16.39, 16.28, 16.27, 22.86, 22.84, 22.85, 22.83, 22.84, 22.84, 22.84, 22.85, 22.88, 23.03, 22.85, 22.86, 22.85, 22.87}
UPDATE: does NOT look like thermal throttling. I suspect a memory leak problem now; after running one benchmark (panorama), Photoshop was at 100GB memory usage after 20 iterations, which is absurd. OTOH, the Mac Pro hit 230GB after only 14 iterations. Not sure what Adobe has wrought with this release, but that is beyond absurd.

llcUltra:diglloydUtil lloyd$ pmset -g thermlog
Note: No thermal warning level has been recorded
Note: No performance warning level has been recorded
Note: No CPU power status has been recorded

It does make one wonder if Adobe QC is asleep at the switch, not able to detect something as basic as a 20-core being 25% slower than a 10-core machine. Before shipping the dreck to customers. Dang. But at least things look a lot better now.

Call it good timing or bad?

Terrible timing because I have hours of work ahead to re-test and republish everything related to Photoshop, and on two machines.

GREAT timing because it means I can redo the tests to show what the Apple Mac Studio M1 Ultra can do. Had I sent the Mac Studio back, I’d be left with test results that would have been out of date overnight.

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