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Apple Core Rot: iOS 14 and macOS Safari Update Bring Treasure Trove of New Bugs

I updated to iOS 14, sucker that I am, because I hope to be traveling in a week or two, and better to take the hit now than while on the road.

There are all sorts of drawing bugs in iOS in which things go blank (nothing there), such as in Messages. Crap gets turned on I don't want too. I am sure I’ll discover many more “pleasures”.

Interestingly, I see the same drawing problems in Apple Safari in the URL bar on macOS—just a lock icon (for https) and... nothing else. Fortunately, this is infrequent. At least one major web sites is still unusable (hangs). Thank you... Apple.

  • Some websites that used to work fine, e.g., are drawn with a blank area, a refresh is required.
  • Save Image As... is not working at all. I get a rainbow beachball, then nothing. WTF?!!!!!! I am guessing that some incompetent engineer forgot to reconcile download restrictions on a web site with saving an image from that web site—idiots.
Blank URL bar in Apple Safari in macOS Catalina

The accelerating unprofessionalism of the software development process at Apple is hurting everyone. Rush a release out, and let the suckers (er... customers) report the worst bugs, then fix half of them over 6 months, repeat ad nauseum.

Staale A writes:

After havning installed the last Safari update 14.0 my iMac (OS 10.15.6) has more or less stopped working.

Startup used to take 60-90 secs with all my “relevant” apps, now we are talking 10-15 min and every new app that I open takes 1-2 min to really open, like for Firefox, which used to be more like +/- 5-10 sec.

MPG: always wonderful to have Apple clusterf*ck your machine and make it unusable.

James G writes:

I too made the big mistake of upgrading toiOS 14 on my iPad and iPhone, and Safari in macOS.

Excel will now not let me save anything, stating that I don't have the correct permissions. If i go to terminal to repair all my permissions, it starts the process but I get the crawling slashes and the process wont complete. I can close Terminal and return to using my computer but i have no idea if the process repaired anything. Excel still wont save.

PDFs embedded in popup windows now show up blank.

Tabs in Safari now just show the website icon, which is totally useless if all you have is a generic icon, or maybe six Amazon tabs open. How the heck are you supposed to tell one tab from the next? The first time I opened Safari after the upgrade, the visual was like “what the fuck, man?” Fortunately, you can apparently undo this by going to Safari/Preferences/Tabs and unchecking the last box to deselect “Show icons only.”

Who the heck asked  for these useless features? Did some dweeb 20-something software engineer think this would be cool? Probably the same idiot who thought microfiche fonts in blue on a pale gray background with no contrast would look cool.

First rule in creating a software update is dont break what you already have. And if you’re going to introduce new features, keep the old preferences the same but publish a list of the new features and how to implement them if you want them.

I am still trying to deactivate the multi-window features in my iPad from the last software “upgrade.”

I swear Apple is now creating software for tik-tok stars and teenyboppers. Certainly not for people who use their macs for productive work.

MPG: I was going to advise James G to try the Security & Preferences control panel, but the crucial Security & Preferences control panel on my Mac Pro is now broken by Apple. Between this problem and hard crashes, Apple has managed to turn my $19K Mac Pro into the most unstable Mac I have EVER had.

Feckless Apple schmucks are running the show. The sheer jaw-dropping incompetence is unprecedented, but starting back in 2013 I saw the Apple Core Rot trend. It will never get better until the leadership makes it a priority, and that blame rests squarely at the top.

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