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Apple Safari Web Site Security Features are Badly Designed: must be disabled for ALL web sites if just one web site has issues

Applying for a mortgage refinance, I found that the web site on which I am applying, uploading documents, etc uses cross-site tracking, and simply will not function unless this is allowed.

That’s bad enough, shame on the mortgage company. The web site sucks even more in that a password manager won’t work with its login or other pages—nor can copy/paste, so it all has to be entered manually—idiot designers.

But why are Apple engineers so half-witted as to make security and privacy settings global for all web sites?

The only way I can use this particular web site is to allow cross-site tracking for ALL web sites. So I have to turn off the tracking, do my thing, then turn it back on. Half-assed design of the mortgage web site and Apple Safari. Shame on them both.

Ditto for other security features like Enable Javascript and Cookies and website data.

While Safari is clearly superior in most ways to both Chrome and Firefox, maybe my solution is to not use Safari at all for this mortgage web site. But that doesn’t excuse Safari

Mortgage refinance web site with badly designed security measures
Security/Privacy is all or none for web sites in Apple Safari
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