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OWC Announces SoftRAID for Windows

Cross-platform compatibility is a big plus.

OWC Elevates Data Protection and Drive Performance with SoftRAID Lite for Windows

For the first time ever, software RAID platform now available for Windows, maximizing drive capacity, protecting against data loss and offering faster performance

Woodstock, IL – July 9, 2020  OWC®; a leading zero emissions Mac and PC technology company and one of the world’s most respected providers of Memory, External Drives, SSDs, Mac & PC docking solutions and performance upgrade kits, announced the release of SoftRAID Lite and Lite XT for Windows. This is the first time SoftRAID is available for Windows users, who now have a cross-platform solution and can share RAID volumes between OSes. Available for purchase now; users who have previously purchased SoftRAID 5 Lite XT with their OWC solution will receive this Windows edition for free.  

SoftRAID is the powerful yet easy-to-use RAID software platform that maximizes drive capacity, offers faster performance, and protects against data loss. It’s ideal for voluminous data roles including audio/video production and editing, photography, graphic design, database servers, financial applications, and more. Featuring an all new, streamlined interface, users work worry-free with disks checked and verified before use plus early warnings prevent unexpected disk failure. New licensing of SoftRAID now enables an unlicensed version of SoftRAID to still read/write RAID volumes, making it easier to move them between different computers and locations.


  • Flexible: create RAID 0, 1 volumes with SoftRAID Lite and Lite XT (Windows)
  • Verified: volume validation ensures sectors can be read, parity is correct, and volume failure is minimized
  • Certified: thoroughly scans drives before use to ensure they are safe for data storage
  • Vigilant: early warning prediction helps protect against unexpected drive failure
  • Built-in MacDrive technology, SoftRAID Lite and Lite XT let users exchange arrays between Windows and macOS computers
  • Thorough: full TRIM support improves internal and external SSD performance in all RAID levels
  • Risk-free: 30-day free trial of fully functional application

With SoftRAID Lite and Lite XT, Windows users can create super-fast RAID 0 sets or ultra-secure RAID 1 sets, certify new disks before use, receive warnings when a disk is about to fail, and restore data quickly with fast rebuilding.

SoftRAID (Mac version)

Unchain Hardware RAID Limitations
SoftRAID unshackles users from expensive hardware RAID technology that’s not upgradeable or expandable. With SoftRAID, users can spread volumes over two or more drive enclosures for mind-boggling performance over a single hardware RAID device. Additionally, SoftRAID utilizes a computer’s advanced processing power versus the slow processors found in most hardware RAID enclosures. The result is a fast and flexible RAID array that doesn’t impact a computer’s system or applications.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of SoftRAID over a hardware RAID is that users are not locked into specific hardware in order to access data. With SoftRAID, users replace a bad enclosure or upgrade, and the drives can be moved to that enclosure where data can be accessed without skipping a beat. In contrast, if a hardware RAID system fails and it’s out of production or no longer supported, all the data could be lost.

The Security of Advanced Monitoring
Getting work done quickly while keeping data safe is paramount. When it comes to protection, SoftRAID was designed to keep work worry-free. SoftRAID checks and verifies new disks for errors before use, warns users when a disk is about to fail, and even keeps users working if a drive is lost. These advanced monitoring tools work in the background to ensure users are constantly protected from a catastrophic, project-killing data loss.

The Cross-Platform Workflow Consolidator
Sharing data between Macs and PCs has never been easier. Built with MacDrive technology (an OWC software technology), SoftRAID allows users to create, read, and write HFS+ RAID sets on both macOS and Windows computers so you’ll never have to worry about disk formats again.

Improving A Proven History
While becoming a leading developer of external drives over the past two decades, OWC began offering multi-drive units pre-configured with SoftRAID to offer customers enhanced data storage capabilities. Because SoftRAID proved to offer many of the same attributes our customers expect from our hardware, OWC acquired SoftRAID in 2014 so hardware and software teams could work together daily to create the easiest to use, most fully featured software RAID package available.

30-Day Risk-Free Trial
Sudden disk failure can cost time, money, and quite possibly your business. Eliminate that risk by trying SoftRAID Lite completely free for 30 days and see firsthand how it can protect mission critical data. Fully functional with no features disabled, this SoftRAID trial provides all the great disk checking, monitoring and easy volume creation attributes that made SoftRAID the most popular RAID setup and management app for years.

SoftRAID Lite is now available for $49.99. See SoftRAID for information and to purchase.


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