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macOS: Apple 'TrueTone' and Display Profile Problems

Chris R writes:

If True-Tone is turned on, it screws with your display color calibration, over and above what is specified by the monitor profile. This screwing with colors depends upon ambient lighting. Ugh!!!!

I was trying to understand why images were seeming to have different colors (white balance) at different times of the day. Online info also suggests that turning True-Tone off might help with the losing of display profile connection upon waking from sleep.

On the MBP 16”, I have had to reset my display profiles randomly multiple times per day after waking from screen saver or sleep, which sucks.

Seems to me that True-Tone is a stealth disaster for photographers who rely on a calibrated display.

ave you encountered this problem? Simple to fix by turning it off, but you have to realize it is there messing with your display by default. I didn’t realize this until just now. What are your thoughts on this? Are you still having the loss of color profile issues with your system?

... Just a brief follow-up to let you know that turning off True-Tone fixed the loss of display profile connection that we driving me crazy. Hasn’t come back in two days since I turned this ‘feature’ off. Now profiles seem to remain selected and operational.

...since turning off True Tone, the loss of profile on wake from sleep has never recurred. So that definitely fixed the problem, which had been happening multiple times per day when I had True Tone on.

MPG: I warned about Apple True Tone when it was first introduced, in my review of the 2018 MacBook Pro.

Some computers like my 2019 iMac 5K do not have Apple True Tone technology, and so I don’t have to deal with the issue. Use True Tone on your Mac

Yes, it is an absolute disaster for those of us doing professional work. Turn off TrueTone.

Recommended display settings for anyone doing color work — brightness can be a little higher
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