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2016 MacBook Pro: Cannot Sustain Performance Under Load

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While testing the 2016 MacBook Pro, a consistent pattern of declining performance was observed. For example, with 10 iterations of of the Photoshop sharpening test, the 2016 MacBook Pro declined in performance by 23%. No such decline was seen on the iMac 5K or 2013 Mac Pro.

This differential helps explain why the 2016 MacBook Pro is slower than the 2013 MacBook Pro on the Lightroom import test*.

2016 MacBook Pro: Cannot Sustain Performance

This finding may be of keen interest to anyone processing video or importing into Lightroom or any task that incurs a sustained load.

* Which is not a statement about performance in any other area, particularly GPU-intensive tasks or video processing. Performance is always task specific, not some hard rule. I expect the 2016 MacBook Pro to outperform earlier models for some tasks, including GPU-intensive taskes.

Andrew A writes:

This is a sad sad day of recognition for me. I really wanted to keep on loving Apple, have their phones (7 and 7+) laptops (2011 15” MacBook Pro and a 13” 2015 MacBook Pro), 2013 Mac Pro, their Airport Express (use it with my DAC and HiFi) and Airport Extreme router, and 24” Cinema display plus several iPods. Most of all I used to really loved their software. All since 2003 when I first starting buying their equipment and stock I looked forward to their next innovation and improvement eagerly. Not anymore. Seems like everything need several updates to repair problems newly created.

Now, no more display or router, high priced crappy performance for new machines, everything is soldered and or requires a series of connectors and a dock to use all for the sake of small and light. What happened to useful and reliable??? They may have had a vision of where we should be going (at least with Jobs), but I think their vision has turned to greed and is verymuch shortsighted (cannot see the tree before the forest with each amputation of their product lines).

My 2013 machines may be the last Mac products I ever buy at least for quite a while. Hopefully they will last 10 years (I have a 2006 iMac that still works well; gave it to my daughter with an upgraded SSD). Most of the software I use for my visual and musical entertainment and work should be good enough for my needs for the next 5 years maybe more. Even the iPhone will soon be no different than the rest.

Eventually the only thing they will be selling is the phone at over $1,000 (my current 7+ cost over $800 with the 128GB up from $600+ for the iPhone 6+) and service subscriptions for things that used to be free (TV and music); don’t forget the fee for storing your stuff in the Cloud. Microsoft and Adobe are not too far behind and getting all of us hook on a perpetual fee service.

Perhaps that is where the world is going, everything is rented or leased with a few owning all the capital assets.

Hopefully no Soylent Green in my lifetime, please…

MPG: Apple Core Rot moves to hardware?

Apple should be very glad that Macs are only 5% of their business because I receive emails from former Apple fans who still want to love Apple products, but are tired of being kicked in the groin.

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