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Apple Knows Better: Your Needs as a Traditional Mac User do not Matter — Has Apple Abandoned the Creative Community?

I completely agree with this excellent podcast with Larry O'Conner, the President of OWC.

MPG’s view, which has appeared here on this site in many forms over the past several years:

Apple is now (only) a consumer company that builds consumer devices (primarily iPhone), along with increasingly toylike computers, giving the bird to traditional users and anyone who depends on a Mac for getting real work done (in all ways: software and hardware and support).

It would not be accurate to call this arrogance or stupidity or accident by Apple since Apple is running a business and the goal is to make money. On that basis, the company cannot be faulted in any way, being the most successful company that has ever existed (in financial terms). But is there a real mission there anymore? In spite of the slick Apple public relations masking a iron-fist approach in sales and marketing and legal, MPG perceives no soul and no vision whatsoever left at Apple. What remained of those qualities died with Steve Jobs and even he was losing sight of the big picture beyond pretty and sleek. Apple Core Rot is manifest not just in the massive decline in software quality and hardware dumbing-down, but in meaning.

John S writes:

Whilst I don’ t have an issue with anything generally in your article above I think it’s drawing too long a bow in some respects and also lacks some much needed perspective and balance.
I understand your frustration and share it to some degree however just ‘hating’ on Apple isn’t likely to be constructive.

Here’s a few comments from my perspective (and I believe many others would agree):

1. I am a “traditional” user and I certainly don’ t feel as though Apple is giving me the ‘bird’.
2. Would I like a better, faster, internally expandable Mac Pro sure… I had the Trash Can Mac Pro but have now replaced it with the latest iMac (late 2015)
Would I buy such a new Mac Pro - probably but it would have to be really really good and software would have to take advantage of it’s capabilities. Reality is that not much software could take advantage of all the cores in my ‘trash can’ Mac Pro.
In the meantime the latest iMac is, IMHO, still the best computer for doing what I do PERIOD. Windows 10 - no way on earth!
3. Core rot! Yes there are bugs and quite a few have bitten me.. however ALL operating systems, unfortunately, have bugs. As software gets more and more complex and, lets face it, does more and more it’s likely we will see more bugs. There may very well be many more ‘bugs’ now than in Mac OS 7 or 8 or 9 or 10.5 or 10.8 or whatever but the software does so so so much more now than it used to. Would I go back to s a system from 5 years ago even if it was free of bugs? No Way! I should note that El Capitan now seems pretty rock solid to me and most of the recent updates seem to be doing nothing more than consolidating that - that’s good. ( Oh I really hate the new disk utility.. but SoftRAID to the rescue.. but Apple really needs to fix the currently crippled disk utility.
4. To be clear I also use windows almost every day as there are some programs for which there is no comparable Mac equivalent. I use Windows 7 in a Parallels VM mostly.
Does windows 7 have bugs - you bet it does! But a lot less than windows 10 IMO. I do have a Windows 10 VM but it is not yet seeing any serious use from me as it has enough ‘issues’ to stop me from preferring it to windows 7. Bluebeam Revu is an app I use in windows and it really is the best in it’s class. There is a Mac version but it is a long way from having feature parity so Windows it is.

In summary, Apple does have it’s issues. Maybe I even ‘hate’ some of the things they have done (stupid disk utility). I wish it had less bugs, I wish there was a Mac Pro that was internally expandable and I could just slide in SSDs and maybe a few ‘spinners’ of the huge type… etc etc… however despite all these shortcomings the Mac remains the best PC there is when viewed in the totality of hardware / software / usability etc and I wouldn’t change to windows if I had any choice in the matter. Luckily I do. In fact I use both Mac and Windows … all on my iMac - another thing Windows PCs can’t do.

You are correct, Apple is the most successful company that has ever existed and despite numerous things that could be better, and by all means let’s keep pushing them, lets not lose perspective or sight of the fact that they do also still make (IMHO of course) the very best computers in the world even after taking the flaws into account. If i didn’t think so I would swap to windows full time without hesitation. (Windows 7 mind you… V10 remains unacceptable ATM).

Guess I’m a glass half full type of guy!

MPG: no argument, but way off base as far my meaning: (a) I in no way 'hate' Apple; the frustration stems from the trend and Apple does indeed still make the best computers, albeit crippled in many ways, (b) the arguments here are concretized and rationalized and do not address the trendline (c) I am speaking to patterns of worsening issues; products should get better and yet the reverse is in play, d) No way would I switch to Windows, (3) Apple has cost me great time and aggravation, cost me tens of thousands of dollars (for reasons I won't go into here), and my workflow is degraded just a little every day. For starters.

When the glass was 3/4 full and filling, that was exciting. A glass half full and draining has no excitement. The Apple 'train' will lumber on for many years, just like Microsoft, with bags of cash its payload, but in my view Apple has lost thought leadership, which it did several years ago when the iPhone began to become harder to use, not easier.

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