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More Apple Core Rot: Finder Sluggish Since 10.10.4 Update

More Apple Core Rot. The trend continues, and is worsening.

Ever since the 10.10.4 update, the OS X Finder now has about 1/2 second delays before things happen: dragging files to copy or move, opening and closing windows, switching between windows, etc. It’s a daily hassle that causes errors trying to do things.

When will Apple start fixing the rot?! It has gone on about three years too long now.

Maybe once the iPhone market growth reverses to negative, which likely won’t be more than a year or two, what with XIAOMI aggressively taking worldwide market share outside the US. Then perhaps Apple will realize that urinating all over the goodwill of the OS X/Mac fanbase is a very bad strategy.

Perry R writes:

I follow all your comments about Core Rot closely and thus far it has scared me away from upgrading from OS 10.9.5 Mavericks. Yosemite and the Mac’s performance was noticeably slower all around (2013 6 core Mac Pro, 64 GB RAM, Helios / 2-Accelsior RAID 1 Boot volume). It seems like all the versions past that offer no significant “must have “ features, introduce more and more bugs, and suffer from various performance hits.

With each new major release I find myself wondering if the time has come to upgrade, and El Capitan will again pose the dilemma for me.

I wonder if you could provide a few comments about the overall value of leaving Mavericks, which seems to be working OK for me for a long time now. I suspect many other readers of yours would welcome an “overview” article of how to decide if upgrading is worthwhile.

MPG: for a machine 18 months or so and older: stick what with is proven and works. Latest OS X is a rat’s nest of new bugs coupled to loss off functionality. Every day the bugs of OS X Yosemite impede my work (the File Open and File Save dialogs in particular). OS X Mail has bugs in search and Smart Mailboxes. Little things like this add up to significant wasted time.

It is a fundamental rule of code, that the more code, the more bugs* (and the more security problems). Apple keeps adding more (largely useless) functionality while breaking older proven code (introducing new bugs in formerly solid code) in trade for mostly eye candy and gimmicks.

OS X El Capitan reportedly is designed (in part) to fix bugs . MPG won’t be touching it until final release to see if that dubious claim is in fact true.

* Apple releases OS X 10.10.5 and the very same day, a zero-day exploit in 10.10.5 is revealed. Such bugs will always be found, the question is wether the OS becomes increasingly hardened against attack, or whether layers are cruft are piled on, containing new vectors for attack.

MPG’s view is that adult judgment of appropriateness and value at Apple is badly degraded vs historical wisdom (Apple had been a shining beacon for years), in that more and more code is introduced of dubious and often negative value, while old stable behaviors are broken. A slimming down of the OS and a strict and rigorous focus on security and stability are long overdue. Whether OS X El Capitan makes strides in that direction is irrelevant unless it initiates a trend.

J.P U writes

I have the same issue in a Mac Pro Mid 2010 12 Cores. This user describes the problem perfectly:

I tried all kinds of workarounds, but the only solution that works is reinstall the system and reinstall all software from 0 with a huge waste of time.

MPG: this does not seem to be the same behavior, but could be related.

Sometimes an install-over works (install over existing system). But I’m first going to see if 10.10.5 fixes it (just updated).

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