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ArsTechnica: Why DNS in OS X 10.10 is broken, and what you can do to fix it

More Apple Core Rot.

ArsTechnica: Why DNS in OS X 10.10 is broken, and what you can do to fix it:

But there's another category of bug—glaring, perplexing bugs that couldn't possibly have escaped the attention of the software engineers in question, let alone the quality assurance department. Such issues exist, and sometimes they go unfixed for months. Or years. Or ever. Hopefully, the set of network issues with OS X 10.10 described below won't fall into this column, but they do raise an obvious question: why?

MPG: I sometimes have to reboot my Mac Pro to fix what almost certainly are DNS problems (very frustrating to have to tear down a slew of active work).

Yet another computer on the same local LAN going to the same gigabit switch going to the same router can reach the same site instantly, even as the Mac Pro hangs trying to reach that same site (Safari), and even while a simultaneous ssh connection and Apple Remote Desktop session on the problem mac continue to work just fine! Why, why, why?

Apple needs to make a full stop on OS X, and fix about 1000 bugs for the next OS release, and do nothing else. Call it OS X Bedrock.

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