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No Way to Lock MacBook Pro Retina?

Ruediger K writes:

Regarding your June 22 blog "Why I Will Not Be Taking the MacBook Pro Retina Traveling With Me — Yet:

I got mine on monday. It's a great piece of hardware but I will never take it with me as a photographer because it lacks the Kensington Lock and I can't secure it in a press room or anywhere else. I missed that point badly in you blog because it makes the MacBook Pro Retina useless as a mobile computer. So I'm sorry about that but I have to return it to Apple.

DIGLLOYD: I never thought of that! I suppose that will be the trend of the future with sleek new products. Apple is happy to sell you another one though.

All laptops are extremely vulnerable to theft, so carry your backup separately (in a pocket or separate bag/case apart from the laptop itself).

I wonder if anyone looking to steal can simply carry the appropriate hardened steel cutting tool to clip the retaining cable. But I suppose the lock is mainly for casual walk-away theft.

Alan K writes:

I noticed that, too. However, in my experience the Kensington lock is a bit overrated and people place too much faith in them. At my sister's office one time, the HR and IT people specifically told people to lock their notebooks in their desks overnight and not rely on the Kensington lock. One night they did a "raid"where they went and removed notebooks from people's desks to make their point.

That said, it does potentially open up a new market for security add-ons. I've used a MacBook Air for years, but I suppose the difference is that it is easier to carry around than the new retina MacBook Pro.

DIGLLOYD: Presumably the locks are for casual theft deterrence, not when left unattended in a room alone with a thief.

Karl R writes:

There are some solutions out to lock a MacBook Pro Retina - but I did not test one of these yet - still waiting for my rMBP to arrive.

DIGLLOYD: Nor have I. Passing along for reader info. UPDATE: The Griffin product is apparently not recommended for the Retina MacBook Pro.

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