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2024-02-17 Mercedes Sprinter: no more 4WD or 3.0L Engine ... Now “all wheel drive” and 4 Cylinder Engine

2023-02-07 Mercedes eSprinter, GM EV Trucks: Science Fair Projects Requiring Fantasy Infrastructure Buildout

2022-11-09 Mercedes Sprinter: Whistling Sound From Turbo Turns Out to Be...

2022-11-09 UPDATE on Mercedes Sprinter: Will Not Go, Normal idle in P but RPMs drop in D or R with Engine Lugging Nastily at 400-500 RPM — ***POSSIBLE FIX***

2021-11-23 Mercedes Sprinter Warranty = Big Win, But Also a Disappointment with Dealer Practices

2021-11-22 Oil Catch Tank (Oil Catch Can / Oil Separator) for Mercedes Sprinter: Eliminates Engine/Emissions System Failures

2021-11-20 New Mercedes Sprinter Owners: Beware Catastrophic Engine Failure from Piston Rod Through Cylinder Head — Caused by Intercooler Overflow

2021-11-20 Back from Trip, Mercedes Sprinter Fails

2021-11-20 Mercedes Sprinter Ends My Trip: “10 Starts Remaining” after OBD2 diagnostic code U010E “Lost Communication with Reductant Control Module”

2021-07-23 Get your Travel Van While You Still Can? Mercedes Plans to Go All-Electric Soon

2020-07-09 UPDATE on Mercedes Sprinter Issues and Breakdowns: Sprinter Will Not Move, RPMs Drop Very Low

2020-07-09 Mercedes Sprinter Issues and Breakdowns: Sprinter Will Not Go, RPMs Drop Very Low (Normal idle, put into D or R, RPMs drop, Engine Lugs

2019-11-26 Mercedes Sprinter: Beware Rodents Chewing Wires and Hoses

2019-11-11 2017 Mercedes Sprinter: Is it Going to KILL ME by Failing to Move at a Crucial Time?

2019-11-11 Biodiesel is the Kiss of Death for Mercedes Sprinter

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2019-11-19 Apple iOS 13.2.3 Breaks Bluetooth Pairing for my Mercedes Sprinter Van for all my iPhones


2018-07-23 Followup 9 Months Later: My Sprinter Photography Adventure Van Project: Computer Desk and Connectivity


2017-12-01 Cabling up the OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock in my Mercedes Sprinter Photography Adventure Van

2017-11-27 Gobsmacked: Power Efficiency of the 2017 iMac 5K vs 2015 iMac 5K, Particularly on the Road in Sprinter Van

2017-11-20 Ordered a 2017 iMac 5K: Why Now and what about iMac Pro?

2017-09-08 My Sprinter Photography Adventure Van Project: Which Mac?

2017-07-29 My Sprinter Photography Adventure Van Project: Which Mac? Experience Report / Proving it Out? MacBook Pro = Not so good for big jobs

2017-07-21 My Sprinter Photography Adventure Van Project: Computers and Computer Desk | Terms of Use | PRIVACY POLICY
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