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SSD upgrade that takes full advantage of APFS

2017 iMac Pro: Grep (Search)

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This test uses grep at the command line in Terminal. Grep is single-threaded, using only one CPU core. Its performance is thus sensitive to how fast the CPU core is, provided that the SSD can read data fast enough and/or if the data is cached.

This test is a good proxy for any activity that has to scan large numbers of text files. In this case, there is a mix of small files (html) along with far more JPEG files of fairly large size.


alias grepTest='find . -name '\''*.html'\'' | xargs grep '
Uncached test: sudo purge; time grepTest hello123
    Cached test: time grepTest hello123

Test was repeated several times to ensure consistency.

The iMac Pro wins here, but why that should be is puzzling given the speed vs transfer size results. There may be other factors involved that are not evident.

The older Macs with their older and slower SSDs lag behind.

Speed of grep textual search

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