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Reader Comment: macOS Ventura Fails to Mount Camera Cards For Some

re: Apple Core Rot
re: The Anxiety Inducing Experience of Updating macOS Monterey

I have run macOS Ventura so far only in a Parallels virtual machine, so I cannot confirm. No way I am installing this new Apple crapware “upgrade” on any of my machines. Any company that releases a major OS update on a calendar schedule is by definition irresponsible; it’s not possible to do so with quality.

MacOS Monterey is now reasonably stable, so it’s OK for most users.

Professionals or those who rely on their Macs for getting work done should:
(1) Always “upgrade” a test system first and thoroughly test it, never the primary machine;
(2) Delay a minimum of 6 months before attempting to “upgrade”.

Reader Jack Z writes:

I've upgraded from the Ventura 13.1, which killed the QNAP External RAID manager, to 13.2 hoping they fixed the bug, and now it doesn't mount the CF and SD cards. The Disk Utility doesn't see them either, so I can't download any files. Only the CFExpress B cards are working.

Is there a Terminal command to mount those cards?

I find each new macOS release worse then its predecessor, invasive, with annoying and nagging prompts to sign to the iCloud, which I wouldn't touch, and with zero respect for user privacy.

I tried everything: verified cards & readers using 3 different OS (Ventura, Snow Leopard, Ubuntu) and everything works on the other systems but Ventura. 

The CF and SD cards NEVER mount, under any conditions, on the Ventura 13.2 and the Disk Utility doesn't see them either, even after formatting in the camera. Only the CFEx cards work.

I think they lost control over this 15GB monster and badly need the "Vista moment" to wake up.

UPDATE: Jan 31 2023: looks like som weird security issue, acrroding to Jack Z

Required schlepping the box to the store, to clear the highest level of security lock, and authorization from Apple.

I'll be unable to verify if the CF & SD cards fail to mount under the Ventura 13.2. The Apple Store in my location uses the Big Sur which I also requested to be installed.  I didn't feel I was ready for more ventures like this after proposed re-installation of Ventura.

MPG: for a long time now, inserting camera cards while the machine is logged-out or sleeping would mean the cards never, ever mount. The solution to that is to remove and reinsert. But what is reported above is far worse, unworkable in fact.

As for Terminal, that gets hairy with /dev/dsk* stuff and more and it might be that the OS doesn’t even show the cards at the /dev/dsk level either.

I agree on the last points. MacOS is degenerating into an impudent and disrespectful dilettante operating system. I first noticed this about 9 years ago, and the trend is only worsening.

Reader Peter J writes:

I have been a long time reader of your blog and find it insightful and helpful. Your observations concerning the depressingly poor quality of current Apple software products are indeed very sad. The idea that a product should not be delivered until works rather than aim for a specific time for a release irrespective for the state of the software has indeed resulted in some significant fails.

With respect to this observation that SD etc. cards do not mount with Ventura (I am using 13.2) I would like to point out that it works flawlessly on all my machines: 2020 i9 27” iMac, 2017 i7 27” iMac, 24” M1 iMac, 2019 i9 16” MBpro,, M2 MBA, M1Max MBPro (internal and external reader). 

I use the ProGrade card reader and a USB C connection, just in case that makes a difference. I have seen issues with some of the Sony readers at times and wonder whether this might not be part of the problem. Note that I use SD cards and CFExpress type B cards exclusively.

I am not sure whether this helps but it does show that the problem is not endemic. 

MPG: good to know that failures cited by Jack Z might involved some specific situation eg card reader or similar.

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